If you like updating with for editing, you might have found the built-in mapstyle lacking.

Fret no more, and download the style from and add it to your paint styles.

Those bikeways should be easier to visualize now.

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@GOwin Hopefully there's more movement on mapping bicycle lanes the same as HOV, bus and other forms of conditional lanes to help the consumer side too.

@BalooUriza I believe that this can only happen when we engage with bikers themselves, and convince them to become not just data consumers, but contributors, as well.

Although I have to say I met a lot of proprietary app users who love the map, but don't know or don't care that the map they use actually came from OSM.

@GOwin There's also overcoming the resistance from the folks who think bike lanes shouldn't count.

@BalooUriza That's unfortunate.

In our region, as well as other regions I know, we haven't experienced any kind of pushback.

I suppose that every LoCo will always face it's unique set of challenges.

@GOwin Yeah, I keep saying the lanes entry on the wiki isn't completely accurate, since it recommends omitting bicycle lanes. We got a good way to handle conditional lanes...

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