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Erwin Olario @GOwin

In our community in the , we are proud to have awesome women leaders who are passionate about what we do, and why we do it.

Kudos, ladies! Happy .

@GOwin are you also connected with David Garcia? Your OSM community in the Phillipines is so inspirational to the UK Missing Maps community. Keep up the phenomenal work, folks!


Hello there! And thank you for your kind words. David, your namesake, are fellow birds of a feather. He turns maps into haikus. 😉

@GOwin and if those smart ladies are anything like the ones we have regularly volunteering in London, you guys have some catching up to do!


Hahahaha. We don't really race against each other. We work together towards common goals, while we try to learn as much as we can.
😊 We try to make it fun, too, while we're at that.

We're also inspired by the passionate volunteers in the UK.