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MMDA claimed they didn't have personnel to direct cars and motorcycles away from the bike lane, but clearly they have the energy to remove what little implements people are using to protect themselves.

This is embarrassing.

Happy World Bicycle Day. twitter.com/CyclingMatters_/st

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Tactical urbanism—such as pop-up cycle paths—allows for the rapid adaptation of urban space in the face of short-term crisis.

However, these moments are also an opportunity for cities to improve conditions in the long-term, as Amsterdam did in the 1970s.


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The U.S. Embassy in the Philippines "welcomes" the government's decision to suspend the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Foreign Affairs Sec. Teddy Locsin earlier confirmed on Twitter that it was upon Pres. Duterte's instruction.

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'Doing nothing is more fatal': Bike group defends improvised lanes after MMDA takedown rappler.com/move-ph/262668-bik via @rapplerdotcom

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We've reached the P1-million mark at Community Mart – Kamuning Market!!! This is a big help to market vendors and tricycle drivers who are affected by this crisis. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng ating mga suki and to Quezon City LGU for joining us in making this possible❤️

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Fwiw, 1200 people per hour is respectable capacity and outperforms most private car lanes. The potential for even greater capacity can be realized by linking bike lanes into a city-wide network.

Join the virtual mapathon tomorrow, 3rd Jun, 19:30 UTC+8, and help add public schools in
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Umpisa na ng ang inyong eskwela ba ay nasa mapa? twitter.com/MapAmorePH/status/

Ephemeral pop-up in .
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I think the lesson here is if you coordinate with MMDA, your bike lanes get removed after four hours. If you don't coordinate with them, they stay up for at least two days hahaha twitter.com/_ChiAwase/status/1

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We need blood donors (B+ blood type) preferably in the Laguna area (Calamba or Cabuyao). Service available to fetch and take home donors. Please contact @sleeplessgirl.

Kudos city LGU for these ! I hope that the next phase isn't just about expansion, but also for PERMANENT and PROTECTED bike lanes in the city!

San Juan is the heart of and a critical link in connecting with neighboring cities (and their bike lanes)

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WHY the Anti-Terror Bill is dangerous? My opinion

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1 June World Children's Day

"(...) Great is the poetry, the kindness and the dances ...
But the best in the world are the children, .. "

Fernando Pessoa

Courtesy of Débora Silveira (2019)

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Our roads and our public transport systems have been at the limit even before the pandemic.

Cycling really is the most viable mode to tap.

Bikeways can absorb more commuters than any other plan on the table and for far less cost.

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Counted 167 cyclists from 8:30-9:00 AM this morning (while waiting for McDo takeout).

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Photo thread: New and old cyclists are making their way to work on the first day of the general community quarantine in Metro Manila.

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Some protestors in Brooklyn calling to loot the Target, but organizers are rushing in front of the store to stop them, keep things non-violent

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One of the many myths about the Netherlands is that the Dutch have always enjoyed high levels of cycling. This was not always so. And more worrying, it was close to being demolished entirely.

A turning point: Amsterdam's Nieuwmarkt in the spring of 1975.


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