Lest anyone forgets, Zamboanga's modern name was derived from the same Malayan word Jambangan ("place of flowers") .
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This is Darul Jambangan (Palace of Flowers), the seat and palace of the Sultanate of Sulu in Maimbung, Sulu. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a typhoon in 1932. A modern replica of the palace was built inside Mt. Bayug Eco-Cultural Park in Talipao, Sulu.

If you order through delivery apps, tip the person in cash.

Better yet, cut the middleman and find persons from your circle who knows people doing the same job - and pay them directly.

I just do a dummy booking, and give them the same app quoted price.

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Let's not forget that food panda pays them Php 11.00 for an 8 km delivery.

This is not inspiring. We should be mad on how food panda tre…

@AkuAnakTimur I suspect it's more about the weight and size, but many mainstream machines are getting thinner and lighter -- and more capable.

I've successfully avoided handing cash all these months, and now I need some -- but couldn't recall my cash machine PINs 🙀🤪

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This month the PH🇵🇭 mapping community is gathering at the @PistaNgMapa virtual conference. Catch our Day 2 talk today with @maningsambale and @Marena_B to learn how we support mapping for positive impact: pistangmapa.github.io/2020/pro

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“Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers."
~ Gustave Flaubert

thanks to @gplewis

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Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

- Voltaire

Apparently, is an acronym for Get Out More Often! 😲

The perfect advice for 2020.

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It's contract-free, and the "mo credits" that never expire are actually accounted as data you can use anytime. There's SMS , in case you want it or voice minutes, if you need any. I don't, so my credits are all just data waiting to be used.

25 Gb is just 299 bucks. If I need SMS, I can convert 200 mb for 30 texts to any network, or a 3 minute call. That's just 2.40 shiny shells

My thrifty Ilocano forbears will be proud of me.

It uses Globe's infrastructure, so nothing really spectacular.

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Ano na naman 'to ?! Down na naman! 😤

And just in time to stress test my sim that arrived last week. is a virtual mobile network operator in the Philippines that utilizes Globe's network, and run by Singtel from Singapore.

Some months ago, I asked Smart to temporarily suspend my mobile data service (because, for some reason, I'm barely going out of the house this year) and they refused it. So I ditched them, rather than continue paying for a service I'm not using.

At kahit sa ipinagmamalaking "bike lane" second class citizen pa din ang pumapadyak, dahil makikipag-siksikan sila sa mga scooter. Hindi rin sinabi kung ano ang estado ng iba pang gumagamit ng iba pang active mobility alternatives.

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Sharing this facebook post of a friend and former workmate in Congress- Atty. Raymond.


“[D]isinformation architects engage in moral justifications, ... denial strategies that allow them to displace moral responsibility by citing that political consultancy is only one project (or ‘sideline’) that does not define their whole identity. "
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It's easy to blame "thuh 91%" for this mess, but this is the result of a very elite project. Mercenaries as well as old-school interests. It's all sunnies on the outside…

I wonder if i should bet on another food-related buzzword for ? 🤪

Thanks for the great talk @benhur07b !
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Last year's buzzword if I remember it right was ice cream from Rene Sanapo, this year, it's adobo from Benhur Pintor 😊

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ATM What we mean when we say Open: Open Data in the Philippines.
By Ben Hur Pintor

Free and Open Adobo 🎉

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Win PnM20 swags!

Share your key takeaways, learnings, pictures, etc!

Don't forget to use our official hashtags:

Meron talagang mga taong hindi marunong umintindi ng mga instructions. 😶

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