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Demand for the passage of the Freedom of Information Act

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I think it is ethical and wise for news outlets to report only of Bong Go sending them pictures, without posting the pictures Bong Go sent them. Doing so does not violate any media law and fulfills their mandate. Sample:

UPDATE: SAP Bong Go sends pictures of the President.

Walking on water? Pffft. Try running. :P
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水上を走っているように見えるヘラジカ(オオジカ)の動画。場所はアラスカ。実際には水深が見た目よりも小さく、脚は川底に接している。舟が高速で動いていることも川が浅くない感覚を与えるが、平底の舟が比較的浅い水深の場所を走行していると思われる。 via

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Jollibee S’pore now selling Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy

Ohhh ... may pa-load pa! 😁
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Pista ng Mapa 2020

Prepaid mobile Internet service will be provided to approved applicants based in the Philippines.


Read the mechanics,

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Pista ng Mapa is awesome! Get incentives for sharing your , , & other open data/mapping projects, researches, & ideas with the community! not just free food.

What are you waiting for? Submit your presentations at :)

I wonder if there's any on-call bike mechanics available in the Mandaluyong-San Juan area?

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While Pres. Duterte pleaded for a vaccine at UN General Assembly, other countries just got on with the immediate business of dealing with the pandemic.

The result: PH sicker than other ASEAN countries with worse credit ratings and lower GDP per capita.

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The Duterte administration has been weaponizing Social Media to subdue the Filipinos through surveillance, misinformation, and disinformation, Facebook just released a report this morning detailing the takedown of 2 networks of fake accounts which mainly targeted Filipino users.

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ABSOLUTELY NO to using the pandemic as an excuse for a no-election scenario in 2022.

If you can’t solve the health crisis by 2022, all the more reason there should be an election.

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I am establishing Molecular labs in BGC, Makati, and QC. I am looking for Registered Medical Technologistsss with Biosafety training and qPCR training from RITM or UP NIH/NIMBB.

The offer is at least 40K/mo. plus other benefits. Meron ding staff housing.

I just watched "A Rustling of Leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution", where a young lieutenant of the armed forces in were reported to lead or encourage the Tad-tad vigilantes in Davao in the 80s

Who would've guessed that the same lieutenant would be crucial in Duterte's "drug war", and now an "honorable senator" of the republic.

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Marcos Regime dictatorship. Enough with revisionism.

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Manila Bay’s white sand project is just the beginning of a 360-hectare reclamation project worth $1 billion won by China Harbour Engineering, a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Co., responsible for building the artificial islands turned military outposts in SCS.

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Nakikiramay po kami sa lahat ng mga naulila. 🙏 🙏 🙏

Here's an interesting use of map from #OpenStreetMap : mapping
the sounds of the forests.

How does it sound in your part of the world?

Lots of submissions from Europe, but everywhere else is sparse. I wonder if any of you folks from the corner of the world are keen to share something.

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the map is not the territory.
the map is not the territory.

the name is not the thing named.
the vocabulary of complexity is not the complexity.

Last June, @osmandapp , my favorite navigation and mapping app for data celebrated their 10th anniversary.

This week, I finally got the shirt and sticker that they sent out then.


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These studies refer to public transport systems where social distancing rules are in place and/or are backed up by mechanisms that reduce crowding independent of distancing guidelines, such as increased frequency. No study backs up what DOTr is proposing

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