Quick update regarding passwords:

"12345" is commonly considered unsafe since 2012.

According to experts "1234567" will still be safe until 2023, at which point you should probably change all your passwords to "12345678".


@fribbledom i have heard the best way for people is 4 or more randomly chosen words, for a computer use a password program.

Just in case you were taking this seriously (sorry, can't quite tell):

I have heard that advice of using 4 "random" words (from people claiming some authority on the topic), and it is not really good advice.

1: it's 2^44 bits of entropy, not very safe these days
2: humans can't make random things up, so it's actually less
3: using the same system as many others is bad
4: password managers, people!



@Green_Turtle @fribbledom

This one is a decent explainer of how password cracking _actually_ works and what makes a good/bad password:

I do two things:
1: keepass.info/ to generate passwords too complicated to remember (Win/Linux/Android/..iOS?), and store all my PWs.

2: sourceforge.net/projects/pwgen (sorry windows only...) for memorable passwords (e.g. for keepass) -- mix and match schemes, aim for >80 bits of entropy, then make a truly random sample.

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