@Tak I'm inspired to prepare and eat cabbage right now; perhaps Okanomyaki?

Also... people who are into sci-fi in any form, please get in touch.

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I'm a wee bit drunk and currently wondering why I've decided to sign up to Mastodon (seems a bit like shouting into the void). Please feel free to "friend" me if you are in to music (metal, jazz, classical) or play or record any instrument. Love you all! :) No porn please.

@s I was looking at the andertons website earlier, they had a limited range but the new Audient ones are very highly regarded - should be a good choice as long as you don't need lots of channels. andertons.co.uk/audient-design

@s Yeah - there's definately more out of stock interfaces than normal but Thomann seems to have a good selection available immediately. thomann.de/gb/usb_audio_interf


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