Alright, CUDA 8 finally installed. Let's reboot the OS and hope that it works...

Why does NVIDIA suck so much? Apparently, my graphics card is not supported anymore, so I can't use CUDA 9 with it. And it's a graphics card from 2012. Jesus

figuring out the amount of energy it takes to boil a room-temperature gallon of water using metric and imperial systems 😂

Breaking News Mark Zuckerberg Deleted Facebook

I should not delve into unknown codebases with a throbbing headache

@lain why does the masto fe have just about everything in its accent colour? I was trying to fix the annoying "everything is starred" thing, then I considered the fact that it might be better if we avoid having everything accentuated (all icons, timestamps, @ handles) and instead have them gray like mastodon. wdyt?

while mixing up in my head greek prefixes and suffixes, i realised i came up with something really terrible and awful which thank god doesn't seem to be some kind of fetish


Pro tip: add this to .bashrc

while true; do
inotifywait -e close_write,moved_to,create .
[email protected]

to do something each time a file is updated (as in "auto make" for compiling on each update)

*silently judging people from their music taste*

"oh look webpack has been upgraded and it looks like it's gotten much faster. let's check it out"
>upgrade dependencies
>iterate over npm run dev
>figure out where the fuck the config file is
>change the mode
>all good
>npm run build keeps spawning messages about plugins being deprecated or removed and that I need to change them with other configuration options of which there seems to be no quick docs on how to switch that I can read and sort out in 3 minutes

>git checkout .

I was wondering why some clocks at home we running slow for the past weeks.

Turns out it's because there is electricity missing in Europe because of Serbia and Kosovo and it lowered the European grid frequency. Insane!

(And that's why I'm late too)

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