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Reminder: everyone thinks their position on the political spectrum is "just right" and everyone else is either too extremist or too moderate, because otherwise they would have changed their political stance already.

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s/move fast and break things/move slowly and fix the mess created by the "move fast and break things" people/g

That satisfying feeling in rsyncing everything to the new server

It's the moment of truth. Will the new mail server work?

If you want to watch youtube videos on android without being botnetted, or: have a mobile version of hooktube/youtube-dl, check out NewPipe. It gets info from youtube by scraping the website without storing cookies, and can play videos in the background.

Deep breath.
Keep calm.
You have all the time in the world.
You will approach this calmly, rationally and with a clean mind.
You will not make mistakes.
You will not fuck up.

sudo vim /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf

Status update: finished editing Now's the turn of, the syntax of which I understand even less.

Alright, I'm opening vim on /etc/postfix/ See you in hell

from IRC

09:37 < awal> The google doodle has options to share it on Twitter, Facebook, email it to someone but not to share on Google Plus.

Does anyone know a good alternative to shazam? Which has a good startup time and is not cluttered by any additional function which is not the single function it is designed for (recognizing music)?

So. Tried to get the bus towards the city centre tonight. First bus didn't come for some reason. Waited some 45 mins. Second bus came, but I basically had to tell the driver where to go because he had never done the route.


FOSDEM summary

NVIDIA: Nouveau developers discussing their limitations and struggles dealing with delayed drops of signed firmwares and features they are unable to support without Nvidia's help

AMD: actual AMD staff presenting their latest open source Vulkan driver, their committment to maintaining their drivers in the upstream kernel with day-one support for new products, and inviting the community to contribute

This reminds me a whole lot of Apple. Locking users into their ecosystem by having a lot of extra 'nice to have' things and having things inside the ecosystem integrate very nicely together, and then locking them in by making it frustrating to switch away, even if it's a better system.