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@inference From now on this account will be mostly for serious and respectful stuff and my account at gleasonator will be mostly for silly and rude stuff. Federation restrictions may mean that I have to use for some some that I might otherwise do on though. On I am solely respectful but not always serious and also curate my feed to try to ensure that I am not triggered by anyone's trolling into trolling them.

How do I get MPV to stop picking a random image from the containing folder to display on audio-only files?

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What's the worst way to live life?
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@Hyolobrika @chjara It's not exactly different to liking different foods or colours than other people; they're all just preferences.

Some people won't eat meat, I wouldn't live without it. Some people hate blue, I love it. Some people dislike EDM and like rock, for me it's the opposite. It's the same for sex.
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re: anti-vax bullshit 

@cohle Another funny thing that happened: the office was attached to a factory via remote link. They laid off a bunch of people. Someone on the way out grabbed a quad-cpu server and wheeled it out the door. We saw the link detach and tried to remotely contact it, and eventually learned it was just stolen lol
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I have no idea what time zones anglo-speakers are in, but if you're awake at 2pm JST tomorrow Sunday the 23rd, and if the PeerTube server does not spectacularly shit the bed, I will be livestreaming one of Japan's marches in support of the "Worldwide Demonstration" against Covid Mandates and Lockdowner-ism.
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世界同日デモ日本委員会と一緒に、Worldwide Demonstration(WWD)の原則を忠実に守ります:



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you know

in this anti sexist atmosphere

“syklubb” - sowing club

that’s also problematic

but no one complains about that.

it’s the men’s fault, you see. it’s us guys.

i never did any of the things women claim men did though.

i just want to make friends as a human being.

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I stepped down as a Pleroma maintainer today.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me for the past 3 years, it was a blast. But things change and I think it's time I go my own way.

nice arguments, losers
I blocked your mothers in their pussies last night

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What song/music for you is the best representation of what Fediverse is about, what it stands for?

For me it is this:

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@Hyolobrika it's kind of wild. Almost every time someone says "they're Nazis" the person is exaggerating or just flat out lying. But you go on and ask, "you guys aren't really Nazis, right?" and they go, "Yes, we are!"

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I feel like I have a bit of something everyone hates. I'm a socialist, I'm pro-freezepeach, I say no-no words, and I have no filter.
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TIL: If you're blocked by NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID on a page in Chrom(e|ium) you can literally type "thisisunsafe" and it'll bypass everything. It's like a cheat code.

This is great for local development with alternative domain names (like testing things out for different TLDs when you don't have the certificates to hand).

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"haha I don't actually care what gender you are"

let's get rid of the laws then
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I wear pant like I go outside: reluctantly and as little as possible.
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