30,811 diagnosed cases
24,702 suspected
3,863 people are in critical condition

The good news is 1,615 have also recovered so it's spreading far faster than SARS/MERS but far less deadly and curable with modern medicine!

I will post another soon but i will open for more questions for now.
If you have questions just reply this post on Twitter or Mastodon

QoTD Day 2
Question of The Day

When you getting married? (Typical Asian question from parents or family)
Answer: ASAP according to @SketchAurora

Where do you from?
Answer: Vancouver, Canada but I have grown up in Bangkok, Thailand also my mother's is from there.

What is your dream?
Climb Everest /w future husband

I love Hiking and Skydiving.

Okay that's enough for today sorry cause not post on daily basis but I will try.

QoTD Day 1
Did you lesbian? (Random question)
No, I'm not a lesbian. I (do) have boyfriend. But I support LGBT community, even my best friend is a lesbian.

What's your favorite color?
Blue sky and yellow

Google or Bing?
DuckDuckGo. (Privacy search engine)

Question of The Day:
QoTD is Question that I will answer everyday. The question come from friends, follower or myself (self inspection). I will post with

Damn my Twitter got suspended. Actually I don't care hahaha

I missed this boba. Wanted to buy that before flying back to Thai but Toronto Tiger Sugar is crowded. ็ญ‰ๅˆฐๆ›ผ่ฐทๆ‰ๅˆฐ . ๅฎ‰ๅ…จ้ฃ›่กŒๅฐๆˆ‘ไพ†่ชชใ€‚

Wow this better than their previous collab
Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Seรฑorita youtu.be/Pkh8UtuejGw

I always been a Geek on Space Exploration Science. Mars could been the First Colonial Planet for Human. In distinct for Future of Planetary Lives on the Galaxy and Space.

Since 2010 NASA making public challenge for Home at Mars, and this 2019 the Price for the First Place is half of Million Dollars.

AI SpaceLaboratory is Winning with there Design Called Marsha. Check out Tech Insider youtu.be/LCuZC-CRg4M

To you @SketchAurora

Thanks for made me Understand that Love is more than a word. You always tell how you love me in many different ways that I can't even think off. Now I know that's is what love is. Something that's can't be described in any words or languages.

Showing me all kind of that thing changed me completely. And my answer will be yes when the times come. I regret that I always being selfish all this years. And I can't wait to says the words "Yes, I do."

With Love โค๏ธ,

@JCPatravee But i wanted you more, also she already have boyfriend.. and We're already planning our future for few months now. and Tomorrow I finally will step out from my guts for the historic moment on our Relationship. I'm Sorry that I might be not often enough to express my feeling to you. Cause I'm bad at expressing my feeling. So i'm sorry for all of my jokes but the truth is You're the one what being "Special" on my life.

Kennst du schon โ€ž๐ŸŽตPachelbel - Canon In D Major (4 Hands Piano)โ€œ von Jacqueline Cindy Patravee auf ? soundcloud.com/jcpatravee/pach


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