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Finished my first week working for where our department is working on and projects for (European Space Agency) and (European Southern ). We're using my favourite tools like C++, Qt and . Can't get much closer to perfection, or as the Japanese would say, 😀 In particular, I'll be working on the control software for 39-metre - Extremely Large planned to be finished in 2025, see

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"After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg going to Washington to speak with members of Congress, I felt that this video was timely. I think social media can be good but we must be careful with how we use it."

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media

Quality of technical journalism is 2020 is APPPPPPPAALLLLING. Partly because it’s composed by non-technical folks who hardly know brands and don’t know a thing about code; or those people who do know how to code disguise MARKETING as ‘articles’… they don’t/can’t make sense, it’s NOT their goal
Too much fake 'journalism' out there right now; lots of it in sites like #techradar #zdnet etc. Writers being ;assigned' to do #marketing disguised as 'articles'. #corruptmedia #spam

When participating in social #protest, consider having your mobile devices switched off, in airplane mode or leave them at home to avoid being caught in dragnet-style #surveillance.

Keep them off on the complete journey before and after. If you must use your mobile, be diligent in your efforts to protect your #privacy:

- Encrypt your device
- Have it pin-locked
- Disable #biometric logons
- Disable #Bluetooth
- Disable location services

#GeorgeFloyd #Minnesota #uspol #Georgia #Michigan

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If you scroll past this without watching it, you miss one of the best unscripted speeches in a decade. Wow. Watch.


#KDETip: Change your Desktop Wallpaper the Easy Way

1. Open your web browser and find the image you like
2. Right click on the image and pick "View Image" from the pop up menu
3. Click on the image and, holding down the left button on your mouse, drag it to your desktop
4. Pick "Wallpaper" ➡️ "Set Image" from the pop up menu💡

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