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European Citizens' Initiative: Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU

"Our aim is to establish the introduction of unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU which ensure every person’s material existence and opportunity to participate in society as part of its economic policy. This aim shall be reached while remaining within the competences conferred to the EU by the Treaties."

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Finished my first week working for where our department is working on and projects for (European Space Agency) and (European Southern ). We're using my favourite tools like C++, Qt and . Can't get much closer to perfection, or as the Japanese would say, 😀 In particular, I'll be working on the control software for 39-metre - Extremely Large planned to be finished in 2025, see

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"After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg going to Washington to speak with members of Congress, I felt that this video was timely. I think social media can be good but we must be careful with how we use it."

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media

Question for non US people

Did you know we give all adults a number that determines what cars you can buy, where you can live and at many companies if you can be hired. This number was secret until we sued for the right to see it. In response companies made a secret second number they dont have to share that they can use for the same things.

The things that make the number bad include not having credit cards, not taking loans. To have a good number you have to have and use credit but not more than about 25% of the credit you have.

Most Americans think this is normal.

People fought and >died< for -- in large numbers in fact -- proper work contracts with job security, holidays, pension etc. The #digEconomy pushers in #corporateMedia (owned by oligarchs or controlled by them) urinate on these people's graves.
#gigEconomy is another stepping stone for oligarchs... back towards full feudalism. But DO NOT CALL IT "SLAVERY"!! Our "MASTERS" tell us it's a dirty word that MUST be eradicated.

FFII is calling on urgent donations to crowdfund a Constitutional Complaint against the third attempt to impose software patents in Europe. If you live in Germany, contact your representative in the Bundestag to oppose the "unitary patent":

Plasma 5.20, by all accounts a massive release, is here. Plasma 5.20 comes with tons of new features and improvements which will make your Plasma desktop experience easier, smoother and more fun.

The family of devices that run KDE software out of the box does not stop growing! Check out the Kubuntu Focus M2, a powerful laptop for daily use or CPU-intensive work.

If you want to find out more about KDE-powered hardware, take a look at our guide:

Discover Elisa, KDE's new music player that is simple, reliable, and a joy to use.

Find out more on Elisa's new website:

We are looking for a working student as an assistant #sysadmin. So if you are into tech, already gained some experience with server administration and are keen on working with our technical staff and volunteers, join us!

More details:

#freesoftware #opensource #student #job #berlin #university

Greetings @FreeTube ,
Thank you for adding localization support in FreeTube's newest update. And well, thank you for FreeTube in general; It's an awesome app! And it's amazing that it's still going strong, even now that Invidious is mostly abandoned.
I've just completed the Slovenian translation. Might need some proofreading, but at least in theory it's finished. I hope it can be included with the next update. :)
Take care!

The FSF is 35 years old today! We're kicking off a week of celebration and special surprises. Read here to see how you can participate, and join us on 10/09 for a special anniversary livestream!

Our big announcement is out: Nextcloud Hub 20 debuts Dashboard, unifies search and notifications, integrates with other technologies

This week in KDE: Breeze Evolution work starts landing -- a new fresh look for KDE's Plasma desktop (and more things):

Submit your session for #LibrePlanet 2021 by October 28! We invite activists, hackers, law professionals, artists, students, developers, young people, policymakers, tinkerers, and more to participate:

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