Also check out the the Applications 19.08 video for a quick break down of the most prominent new features:

KDE Applications 19.08 is out and it comes with exciting new features for Konsole (terminal app), Dolphin (file and directory explorer), Kdenlive (video editor), Okular (document viewer) and dozens of other apps.

Thank you @federicomena for reminding people how to disclose security vulnerabilities (especially in FOSS projects) in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

We need people who check open source code for security vulnerabilities, because bugs only become shallow if enough eyeballs actually turn to them.
But we also need those people to report them in a way that does not do harm.

"At the same time that science and have vastly improved human lives, they have also given certain visionaries the means to transform entire societies from above. Ominously, what was true of Soviet central planners is true of Big Tech today: namely, the assumption that can be improved through pure 'rationality.'"

Big Tech’s Harvest of Sorrow

"U.S. sanctions block the Venezuelan people from obtaining food and medicine. They resulted in at least 40,000 deaths between mid-2017 and the end of 2018, according to a study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research – and that was prior to the most severe sanctions, which were announced in January 2019."

Venezuelans Under Siege / frente las sanciones

"The homeland of Nikola Tesla and Jožef Stefan saw a rise in physics funding after World War II. Now, after the destruction wrought by the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, physics in Yugoslavia’s successor states is recovering, albeit unevenly. "

in the former : From socialist dreams to capitalist realities

Today's release of our IDE KDevelop 5.4 adds Meson build system, Scratchpad and many improvements and fixes. Get the AppImage now!

Lliurex, the Linux distribution used in all the schools in the Spanish autonomous region of Valencia, now installs KDE Plasma as its default desktop.

Plasma Mobile under construction: screenshots of the latest work, taken from a Nexus 5X running the edge image.

Thanks @dimitrisk for the heads up.

The of Belgium considers the source code of solutions created for or by its public services to be public information that must be made available on request. The federal government now wants to discuss with the country’s regional governments how to accommodate such requests.

The Rise of Corporate Nations – Multinational corporations are increasingly encroaching on the functions of sovereign states

Plasma reaches amazing places! Take the Large Hadron Collider's smaller sibling: the ALBA synchrotron.

Sergi Blanch-Torné, Controls Software Engineer, explains how ALBA provides insight into biology, nanotechnology, and more using KDE's software:

Si quieres seguir las noticias de KDE en Español: @kde_espana, la cuenta Mastodon oficial de la asociación de KDE España.
If you want to follow KDE news in Spanish, check out @kde_espana, KDE Spain's official Mastodon account.

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