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Thanks Sirgazil. How does Jami not satisfy your requirements?

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@Jami @sirgazil A warning to users that registering their username on the eth blockchain takes some time, would help with that unexpected delay. People just don't think it's working properly unless they are familiar with eth. Or they would be more patient if they knew it was out of jami's hands. Jami fighting me on the volume can be troublesome. On the linux desktop app i would prefer jami dies when i kill it instead of running in zombie mode. When i kill it with the gui it's usually to get it working properly (mem leaks, changing of the internet connection/vpn, etc) which doesn't work b/c of zombie mode. I have to kill it in the terminal which is too hard/disturbing for non tech users, as there are a few diff processes to kill. I have one family member who i can never hear their audio. They use the android version. it seems to have to do with the volume/audio b/c i can hear them right at first and then it cuts out. I'm using the desktop app when i'm talking to that person. Could be an incompat between desktop and android.
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