What do we mean when we say Jami doesn’t require a server to relay data between users? We explain it here:

How can I (not so gently) -force- ask friends to move to Jami? I have my own... But talking alone. 😭

@Jami cool to read news.
Please find a way to have less battery consumption on #android for #jami
thanks for your good work

@nurinoas @Jami It's worth trying the dhtproxy. You can set one up yourself (though I haven't done this yet) or use theirs. Obviously, using theirs you give up some privacy.

@noorul @Jami a big problem w/direct peer2peer is if one is offline, the other cannot send a msg. The client apps don't even have the capability of making reattempts until the other party goes online. Ideally users would be able to run their own server to queue msgs


#Jami for #Android lack of such capability to retry to send failed message.

#Tox clients have such feature.

I've not much used Jami desktop, so not sure how it works.


@resist1984 @Jami

@resist1984 In fact, this will be improved with group chat (sync history between devices, so any devices will have the ability to retry failed messages) @noorul @Jami

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