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@[email protected] @fdroidorg Thank you for the heads up. We will make sure we resolve this asap.

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@Jami after bruno pagani updated the arch packages for #jami (ring-gnome and deps. thanks bruno!), i linked my ring/jami account from old phone and tested the desktop client. i've been following this project since early sflphone days and this is the first time i've gotten it to fully work and it worked great. better than my freeswitch server/csip simple combo. way to be jami devs! this is a nice application.

@[email protected] We strongly encourage you to report and describe this issue on our Gitlab page :
Our development team will be better able to answer your problem :) thank you!

@[email protected] Hi! Did you download it from the store or from the desktop application?

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Met the Savoire-faire Linux team at CES and they introduced me to Jami (formerly Ring):

Anybody on here tried #Jami before? #FOSS

We will be attending from January 7th to 11th! Come meet us and learn more about Jami at booth #29 of the Canadian delegation, Tech East, Westgate 1021.


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