I’ve been watching these mastodon feeds all day and I feel completely lost. It’s just a stream of contextless words.

@Jesseross same. I think I’m too old to learn yet another social media platform haha

@Gumby08 well at least I just found a mastodon app that doesn’t look completely ugly. It’s helped make it not so weird!

@Jesseross which one? I’m using Tootdon but no idea what’s best.

@Gumby08 I was using Amaroq but moved to Tootdon. Amaroq only has a dark mode so it’s terribly depressing.

@Jesseross cool, I won’t bother looking elsewhere then. I’ll just keep scrolling through and hope it eventually starts making some sense!

@Jesseross Agree on my feed 90% seems to be Chinese/Japanese characters.

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