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Did something pretty out of character--I wrote a poem! Weirder still, I actually enjoyed it!

Do you ever catch yourself off gaurd?

My brain just had the genius thought: "omg it would be hilarious to be fucked by the pope".

...what? Is this my subconscious trying to tell me something?

Just learnt about D.Tube. Kinda cool, but its weird seeing such a niche community on the internet. It's giving me nostalgia...

When I die, I want a funeral pyre. A "blaze of glory"! Has a nice ring to it, y'know?

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It's kinda weird to me seeing the CDC claiming that racism is not only a large problem in America, but it's institutional. I haven't personally experienced any racism, but maybe I'm just lucky. What bothers me about the statement is that it's a government agency telling you to "stick it to the man, man". That just seems way too Orwellian to be real.

Most online communities built around a form of media just suck. Hell, they even do in real life. I hate book clubs.

Damn, I really fell off the anime and gaming wagons. I was super into them for a time, they just seem too garish to me now. At least, the modern mainstream. I still occasionally divulge on the obscure things if they transcend their mediums in quality.

I feel like there were a lot of warning signs for the kind of person I am today.

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I really locked myself in here huh. Might as well make the most of it, though.

I'm enjoying using Haskell. It reminds me a lot of regular math, and I've always been "the math nerd".

The whole PR thing doesn't help when I have such a vulgar sense of humor, and an even more degenerate vocabulary.

I have a PR voice and it shows. Even in my mind, I'll hesitate before I say something I think might not go well in present company. Not for fear of being perceived negatively, but to avoid potential conflicts. My whole life I've been streamlining the interaction process so as to have as little of it as possible.

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