It's kinda weird to me seeing the CDC claiming that racism is not only a large problem in America, but it's institutional. I haven't personally experienced any racism, but maybe I'm just lucky. What bothers me about the statement is that it's a government agency telling you to "stick it to the man, man". That just seems way too Orwellian to be real.

@KMemzy At its core, it means that the people who approved its publishing didn't think it would inspire a government overthrow. Either because they didn't get the subtext you got from it, or because they weren't meant to approve its publishing as they work in other parts of the government.

So it could either have been published by someone who didn't make the link between "institutional" and "government including the CDC", or by someone attached to fact accuracy which wouldn't surprise me at the CDC. I don't expect it to attract many ignorant opportunists as there isn't much power to be gained climbing the hierarchy of this particular government agency, much like the National Weather Service which is also part of the government.
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