I've been laughing for the past 5 minutes at the idea of "gay space disease".

Macduff said to Macbeth that he was "untimely ripped from mother's womb". Radical way to say caesarean.

I want to live on Europa. It'd be fucking sick.

@vriska I vehemently hate sleeping. But if I am incredibly sleep-depraved, I'll take a weird short black-out nap. It's like your phone dying so you put it on the charger only until it'll turn on again.

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@GeorgeSoros say it three times in front of a bathroom mirror and you'll summon a minstrel show

@belgarion I would have given anything to have been bully-fucked in a locker room.
Sadly that fantasy is nothing more but a fantasy indeed.

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Feelin' good today
Skies are clear and the sun is warm
Blue sweater-shirt
and cargo shorts

@Moon I don't know what I'd do without Solitaire, Tetris, and Minesweeper. There's are reason they're so popular.

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@JeffPow On pure numbers, more people die from car crashes than plane wrecks. I don't know if the disparity matches up per capita, though. Whatever case, I'd fly all the time if I could afford it. I love the feeling of being off the ground.

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