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my love for vaporwave has been rekindled

maybe i'll do one of those windows xp rices

Alright, enough with the sappy shit. I've said my piece, and then some.

I kinda want a funeral pyre when I die. How sick would that be, to go out in a blaze?

The cool thing about the internet is that I'm just words to most people. Even if someone were to figure out who I was, they still wouldn't know me personally. I can say all this fucked up shit about myself under the illusion of anonymity. It's relieving, frankly.

I have to wonder what it felt like to be Icarus, right before the fall. It must've been euphoric, I have no doubt. Was it worth it? Risking all he had for a moment on top of it all? Sometimes, I'd like to think so. But I don't think I should ride on the chance just yet.

II just want to fly away sometimes. From my life, from myself. From all the bullshit of the people around me, of society. I just want to see the world from where none can touch me, where nothing can touch me. I want to be carefree. To appreciate the beauty of the world, and the ugliness, from an objective perspective. I want to finally be at peace with it all. And no, that's not a suicide reference.

I bet I sound psychotic to most people. My speaking cadence is 100% ramble, and it gets worse when I'm nervous. My brain makes connections that aren't apparent to most people, so I come of incomprehensible. My thoughts end up feeling like a highway sometimes. The only time I feel single-minded is when I'm angry, because I zero in on EVERYTHING that I hate about that particular thing.

The worst feeling is when you read something that leads with sensible ideas, then devolves into incomprehensible levels of stupid. That and the feeling of dread when you realize people actually jack of to some disgusting kink.

People thinking they're better than they are, or that they're better than others in some arbitrary regard is why the world is fucked. Stay in your lane and I'll stay in mine, don't overstep the line. And for god's sake, choose a lane. I don't care if you're wrong, at the very least be consistent about being wrong.

Most of the time I don't get angry with the shit I see on /b/, but I fucking can't stand hypocrites. Wear a mask or not, it's your choice. But if you choose not to, then call people who choose to retards, you're a hypocrite. The whole argument "anti-maskers" make is the actuation of their free will. Why then mald over someone choosing to do what you won't? It's a piece of fucking cloth over the mouth, not a jump off a cliff. You're just being pathetic.

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"Master of the mortuary arts" sounds way cooler than just "embalmer"

damn, trees are pretty

forests are very cool indeed

went on a walk a couple days back and saw these guys

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The thought of racist oompa-loompas just crossed my mind and I cannot stop laughing...

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Think of average people like trees, they are there, they are biologically alive, but they posses little to no agency, ignore their opinions of you or of other things, because those opinions change with the wind and are rarely genuine.
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