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people on the internet are being mean to me aaaaaaa

I love math, but I have always hated the focus on computation. Even when I was a kid I was garbage at those speed-multiplication tests and I didn't give a shit, I refused to try hard on them.

se a garganta estiver ok da pra tomar sorvete ué

Breaking: a JS script broke loose from its VM today and in but a few hours has consumed all available memory in the tri-state area.

oi rafa todo mundo aqui fala de vc deve ser gente boa

Thinking of the amount of good stuff from that I won't be able to save makes me sad.

There was another one that I also remembered now.

what even is other social media? I don’t remember. all my scrolling happens here now.

Smash Ultimate is super cool. Haven't played everything but it rivals Brawl. Up to 8 players and much more balanced too. Jigglypuff and Ice Climber seem to be actually good.

@Niklas101 Hi! It would be much easier to retoot from other instances if you change your configs to post as sensitive media by default. In fact, many instances won't even load the media from if it's not marked as sensitive media. People can then set their configs to always show sensitive media or not.

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