[News] Our plans for PeerTube v4!
By the end of the year, new features focused mainly on experience customization so you can display and discover the videos to your liking.
➡️ hhttps://joinpeertube.org/en/news#roadmap-v4

Apple’s regressive stance on sexual content being available on its largest platform is verging on a full on moral panic and it’s really gross. Entire businesses and communities have been crushed by it, and it often hurts queer and trans communities most.


My new novel, NON-PLAYER CHARACTER, is live on Kickstarter!

Can six TTRPG nerds in their 30s find their way home from a fantasy land -- and do they want to?

Boosts appreciated. And please do check it out! ^_^

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publishing platform is considering to build a decentralized network of Ghost instances:

"It feels like ActivityPub as a standard might fit better to our use case than to Mastodon, so I'm really excited about what we might be able to do with that."


Where are you, ?

The Fediverse is produced in front of a live audience, and made possible by Viewers Like You.

So I now have Instagram -> Facebook (native) and Instagram -> Twitter (IFTTT) integrations working, so the next thing I need to do is set up a pixelfed instance and get that xposting to all of these, right?

I followed a few hastags on instagram that I thought were related to my interests. I should have known that they would just have unrelated or barely related marketing spam using heavily edited photos.

Android Auto (the phone app, not the car app) has continually gotten worse for me. It no longer reads messages. It no longer accepts voice commands. Navigation has to be force closed.

But their naming scheme makes it impossible for me to try to Google the problem... 🤔🤔🤔

I've also got it natively posting images from instagram to twitter since instagram's normal twitter integration is... not super useful.

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Cool! I set up an IFTT recipe to xpost tweets from mastodon to Twitter, so I don't have to copy them manually anymore.

@kensanata @alpine_thistle
Maybe raspberry pi is the tech equivalent of a gym membership

Some friends and I have a website up where one might purchase /actual physical copies/ of our RPG projects.

Candlelight: play a post-TPK party wandering as spirits, trying to maintain their humanity

Devil, Aim For Me: hunt a bank robber in a haunted Weird West setting and find your doom

So You've Been Tossed Down a Well: get back from out of that well


Victory: Decision cites risks of pipeline spills to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


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