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So I guess now that mastodon survived the hype I can join too... 🤔

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Every time a dating site works as advertised, they just lost two customers.

I was able squeeze another 40% speed out of the webassembly library with some compiler optimisation settings.

I just build a webassembly library in Rust and inside firefox it does it's job more than 65x faster than the plain javascript version in nodejs.

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this is excellent.
kudos to the anonymous internet person who posted it and the facility implementing it.

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Hi Vue community! 🖖 For a variety of reasons, many of them personal, it's become more difficult for me to find both fulfillment in my Vue work and the time to do it. So I'm stepping down from the Vue team, effective immediately.

Full announcement here:

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Just updated the All in one file .ZIP

1.4GB of completely free CC0 models for any project, just $1!

Thank you all so much for your support! To a 2020 with many more packs.

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Die Mehrheit der Deutschen ist für ein Böllerverbot.


Es ist egoistisch, dumm und verantwortungslos tausende Tonnen an Feinstaub zu verursachen, Tiere zu terrorisieren, Sachbeschädigungen und Verletzungen in Kauf zu nehmen und giftigen Müll zu produzieren.


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Franz und Sissi?! Ernsthaft? Franz und Sissi?! Das fällt Österreich wenn das Land aufgerufen ist, ein fremdes Planetensystem offiziell zu benennen?

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Some of you guys may be aware that my sister has been being stalked by a ex-partner she met on a dating app - but this week, to our GREAT relief, he’s been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison and a restraining order. Only 1% of stalkings are convicted - so a thread on why this was:

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I respect the moon’s unwillingness to be photographed on a phone

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Every position we open at Basecamp receives hundreds of applications. Our secret recipe: 1) Pay well, 2) Hire remotely, 3) Explain the position thoroughly, 4) Have a reputation for being a good place to work, 5) Stop dog whistling overwork with “strong work-ethic” bullshit.

Comment under the original tweet to get the chance to win a free ticket to @vuejsamsterdam!
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Vuejs Berlin ❤️ @vuejsamsterdam @vuejsamsterdam

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Good morning It's second Tuesday of the month and it means only one thing. @vuejs meetup. Join us tonight at @UMG and enjoy last meetup of the year 2020. See you tonight. More info here:

Greetings from @vuejs_berlin
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Dronesense is a platform used by [email protected][email protected], and businesses to pilot and manage their drones. They left a load of data, including flight logs, online. We shouldn't be able to see stuff like this; this flight plan is via police department …

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