@Koehr the latest post on my blog is inspired by the 250kb club and its predecessor.

@Seirdy Nice! Maybe that can become a foundation for the metrics on 250kb.club

@Koehr also, my homepage is way smaller than my post since the post contains an image and a ton of text. Maybe each site author should pick multiple pages for review and the biggest one could be used.

Also im pretty sure that almost every Gopher and Gemini page qualifies, so the club's gonna have to get a lot bigger.

@Seirdy Gopher and Gemini are out of scope because they are not part of the issue. And I think the landing page or whatever qualifies as such should be counted because that is where people have to wait the most.

@Koehr sorry, I was kidding when I mentioned gemini/gopher. Looking back, I can see how I didn't make that clear.

I see what you mean about the homepage, but plenty of users get linked directly to different pages. The difference can be quite drastic, as is the case for my site: https://github.com/kevquirk/512kb.club/issues/19

@Seirdy What? There's a 512kb club as well now? xD

An yes, I see what you mean with the drastic size differences but I have no good solution yet. Maybe I'll come up with something.

@Koehr would probably be a good idea to create a "-discuss" mailing list for these topics :akko_wink:
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