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Sure, you could just do `random() % amount` to get a random array index. But then you start to read and after hours you end up with `let range = Uniform::new(0, amount); let mut rng = thread_rng(); range.sample(&mut rng);` because it will make such a big difference! :blobcatgoogly:

Unglaublich.Wo sind wir denn hier?
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Wir haben es gewusst, die Reform des §219a ist eine Farce. Die Kriminalisierung von uns Ärzt*innen, die Schwangerschaftsabbrüche durchführen, geht weiter. Und das Informationsverbot. Solidarität mit Bettina Gaber!

Fun fact: I now use the ultra sonic toothbrush since four months. I didn't charge it even once since then at it still works. I'll keep you posted.

I found that helps between and . But it somehow says, this is no longer necessary for twitter? Can anyone help me out?

Who is going to ? Looks like I'm going! *dances a little*

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This looks promising - microorganisms Converting CO2 into air protein flour, and not just faux meat
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The newest fake meat is made from thin air

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What magic is this?!?!

"jor1k is a OpenRISC 1000 emulator written in JavaScript running Linux. It runs in almost any modern web browser. Have a try and see if it runs in your browser by opening the demo. More information can be found on the Wiki pages."

Via Hacker News [ ].

After reading this, I couldn't stop myself from checking whether the decision from to ship as standard shell might be related to it. As mentioned in the article was already very old and newer versions are licensed. And I thought, if they want to make the shell neat out of the box, why not using as default? Here it comes:
ZSH is licensed under (-alike)
FISH is licensed under

Did I ever mention that I build a disco snake game in Rust on Monday? I think, I didn't.

I really need to use this platform more.

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So I guess now that mastodon survived the hype I can join too... 🤔

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-replaces Facebook:
-Aardwolf (alpha?):

-replaces Instagram:
-Lychee (Self-hosted only/not federated):

-replaces WhatsApp:
-IRC(Self-hosted only/not federated)


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