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@[email protected] @[email protected] Vor 8 Monaten: Rechte ermorden Lübcke
Vor 4 Monaten: Rechtsterroristischer Anschlag in Halle
Vor 1 Woche: Aufdecken einer rechtsterroristischen Gruppe
Jetzt: 11 Tote durch rechten Terroranschlag in Hanau

Ernsthaft, wann gehen wir das Problem mit rechtem Terror mal richtig an?

Was a blast to be part of this! Thank you everyone for being awesome and thanks even more to @[email protected] for organising this!
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Core team and contributors of the @vuejs ecosystem slowly gathering for a community event on @[email protected] Vue better in 2020! @vuejsamsterdam @Frontend_Love

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Der grausigste Satz aus Höckes Pegida-Rede: „Wir müssen das Unterste wieder nach unten stellen.“

Wer kann noch daran zweifeln, welche Absichten dahinterstecken?

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Anyone hiring junior devs in Oslo? Please RT for reach 🙏

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Wie klein muss man sein, um sich bei jeder Gelegenheit hämisch an einer 17-Jährigen abzuarbeiten?
(Danke an @[email protected] und Julia K.!)

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Hi @[email protected] attendees! 📢

This is a callout to everyone who contributes to the @[email protected] ecosystem - be it working on the libraries, meetups, tutorials, translations, workshops or anything else. 👨‍🌾👮‍♀️👨‍🚒

DM me please or drop a comment, I may have sth cool for you. 🎁

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Eine Identitätsfeststellung: 53,75€
Eine Gewahrsamnahme: 74,15€
15 Min. Fahrt auf die Wache : 7,51€

Den zentralen rechtsstaatlichen Grundsatz “Keine Strafe ohne Schuld“ achten:


Der von ist eine neue Stufe der Repression.

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Happy oder so. 🥳? Geht jetzt die Welt unter? Steigt das Empire wieder auf? So viele Fragen...

Looks like artificial human like assistants are finally a thing.

This absolutely blew my mind! Do YOU have an internal monologue? If not, please write me. I'd be interested in talking about it.
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Do you have an internal monologue? Do you or do you not hear yourself think? If not, how do you think?

I might very much have found the ideal language distribution in this project!

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Hi all! I just lost my job, along with several other people. The start-up has finally gone pop. I need work with immediate effect in Berlin. Experience in React Native/Rails/Angular/HTML5/CSS. Please retweet and thanks in advance x

Started looking into Pijul ( as an alternative to Git and Darcs. Looks really promising so far. They also did an incredible job with Pijul Nest ( already! I just wish Pijul Nests sources would be public. 🤷

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Every time a dating site works as advertised, they just lost two customers.

I was able squeeze another 40% speed out of the webassembly library with some compiler optimisation settings.

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