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Easily one of the best social distancing ads I’ve seen

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🔴BOOTSUNGLÜCK: @[email protected] hat 4 Boote gefunden. Vermutlich die gestern v. @[email protected] gemeldeten. Eines ist gesunken. Wir müssen annehmen, dass alle ertrunken sind, da es keine Infos über Rettungen gibt. Position& Notlage waren bekannt. Europa hat sie an ertrinken lassen.

Little update on because I didn't update the live version in a while. I had to iterate over the editing functionality quite a bit and now in the fourth(!) iteration I'm confident that I found a good way. In the screenshot you see the editor in action.

I hate these moments, where you see typos and press the button at the same time.

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The poll is not transferred from Mastodon, so here it is:

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Another : , and are all older than . But which language is even older?

Now that I basically built my own editorjs someone suggested me editorjs. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad now.

It is fascinating how different browsers still handle contenteditable. It really feels like the 90s are calling. And that's despite the big move of browsers to unify and standardise it.

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It has begun...,yes she is at the returns counter and yes she is doing exactly what you think she’s doing.....

You can now play around with my new rpg card generator. It is not usable for creating (printable) cards yet though:

that, if you send large inline attachments to a account, they can be bigger than the size limit you can send. Then, in the web interface, you're getting a popup(!) every few seconds, telling you your mail is too large to be saved, while writing a reply.

Wanna have the good old over the top window manager bling bling that came as soon as X11 people figured out how to use OpenGL? But X11 is meh? Here you go:

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Zoom lets you set custom backgrounds and I have a green screen and green shirt so my coworkers have to deal with my shit for the next 2 months

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Hey . Come to the first ever Vue Global Meetup event! We want to bring all Vue communities together and create a place where we can all share resources and knowledge. 14th April 6pm CET.Join Here: @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]

Ich baue gerade einen RPG-Karten-Generator in der Hoffnung ihn viel einfacher und bequemer zu machen als rpg-cards von crobi. Aber gibts da überhaupt interesse? Und Wünsche? Und Ideen? @[email protected]

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Impfgegner sagen Demo gegen Impfpflicht wegen Corona ab. Muss man mehr über Impfgegner wissen?

I'll about the new @vuejs composition api tomorrow evening at @vuejs_berlin . Hope to see you there!

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