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Feeling good today because I managed to sort all those 75 open tabs into either bookmarks or the trashbin. Always a good feeling.

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[16.6.00] Deutschland strebt wichtige Rolle bei Modernisierung Russlands an. Putin bekennt sich im Rahmen zukünftiger russischer Reformen zu den Werten von Demokratie und Rechtsstaat.

that while viewing a file with less you can simply press v to open it in your editor (v for visual, uses $VISUAL, $EDITOR or 'vi'). My life just got a tad smoother.

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Abgesehen von der globalen Pandemie,
dem globalen Aufplustern faschistischer Autokraten,
und der fortschreitenden, jedes Jahr spürbar schlimmer werdenden Klimakatastrophe,

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Thank you @SedRicKCZ and @koehr_in for inviting me over at @vuejs_berlin to speak about all the above-mentioned things and more.

Those who couldn't attend the session, they can check out the recorded version here:

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Rund 100 Lokalregierungen in haben sich zu sogenannten "-freien Zonen" erklärt. Auf Städtepartnerschaften mit Gemeinden in und scheint diese Diskriminierung aber kaum Einfluss zu haben.

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If you ever think you're good at CSS, check out this website. These designs are all done with a single <div> element. It's insane!

Looks like we're getting closer to finally printing cards!

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@BrankoMilan As a yellow vest protester, I can only confirm your statement.

French police brutality was over the charts.

17 people were killed, between 2000 and 3000 were hurt, 17 lost an eye and 4 hands were blown by flash grenades.

About 15 000 were prosecuted.

I'm looking for an Home Screen application that is and simple BUT has some decent productivity features.

The new editor is now online and you can finally play around with it:
Please tell me what you think! Next stop: printing. Finally.

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Here's how a healthy hacker mindset can help you become a better developer (notice we said 'healthy' 😉)

Read by @EarthAbigail

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Hey . We just published new video. It's a talk from @TarunMangukiya abou Optimizing Nuxt.js. Enjoy Saturday.

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One of you asked how to deal with a lack of communication, and therefore work, during these WFH times.

@neilonsoftware has an answer.

Take a look, 👇

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Happy Sunday dear . We have another video for you today. It's a talk from @SamuelSnopko - Blazingly Fast - Going headless with Nuxt! Enjoy rest of the Sunday. 🤟
Blazingly Fast - Going headless with Nuxt!

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Just to clarify: All this was already possible in an earlier version of my editor but I always slammed against walls at some point that stopped me going further. I now found finally a way to make everything possible with everything I need. It just took quite some extra time.

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And finally today I implemented the dnd-stats-block so that monster cards work again.

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I also added boxes that are useful to for example show charges of a weapon. They became pretty customizable.

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