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Sudan suffers devastating flood as Nile rises to highest level in over a century. More than 100 people dead, almost 100000 homes destroyed and about half a million people are homeless.

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Interesting floating-point summation tip [ ]:

"Raymond Hettinger @raymondh

floating point ninja tip: Use parentheses to regroup sums to minimize accumulated round-off error.

Instead of:
a + b + c + d + e + f + g + h

((a + b) + (c + d)) + ((e + f) + (g + h))

Note, the total work is unchanged."

For more on this see [ ]

Sitting here with good coffee, a delicious cake and reasonably good wifi. And someone really asks me how I am. Is this even a question?!

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Can we please, please – PLEASE! not make the nonsensical US date format month/day/year the default in applications? 🤦‍♂️


And to all users of that format: it makes no sense, it's counter-intuitive, it makes collaboration frustrating, it introduces inconsistencies and errors... Just stop. Please. Use international standards.
(And don't get me started on your other units of weights, volumes and distances. Bloody hell.)

Boost if I'm right.

Did I tell y'all about twtxt already? Check mine out here:

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Heutzutage wird man schon in die rechte Ecke gestellt, nur weil man bei gleichzeitigem Schwenken von Reichskriegsflaggen versucht hat, den Reichstag zu stürmen, um die Regierung abzusetzen.

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Tiny Sprite Generator ✌️😷


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Die Dame, die in der völlig bekloppten „Linksextremismus“-Ausgabe des @GdPPresse-Magazins die Titelgeschichte schrieb, und auch bereits in der rechtsradikalen „Achse des Guten“ veröffentlichte, ist nun Extremismusbeauftragte einer Polizeihochschule.

Das passt ja mal wieder.

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Screw chaos monkey randomly shutting down production machines to test resiliency

People should be given random vacation days to see what knowledge isn't distributed

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Nationalismus, offene Kriegsrhetorik und das „Diktat von Trianon“. Viktor -s Rede sollten sich alle zu Gemüte führen, die den Mann immer noch für ungefährlich halten.

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If we're being honest, 2020 is the perfect year to get rid of Daylight Saving Time. Just rip the band-aid off while we're all home confused as hell anyway

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More than 20 African countries have joined together to plant a giant wall of trees that will run across the continent to stop the spread of the Sahara Desert. The Great Green Wall of Africa will stretch for 7,000 kilometres, from coast to coast right across the continent.

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#Belarus Pro-Lukashenko group tried to create a poll in social network. It didn't go according to the plan... #facepalm (Lukashenko got only 12,71%)

Ich finde es unangemessen, den Herrn einen Trittbrettfahrer zu nennen. Hätte er wirklich ein Trittbrett (aka Skateboard) dabei, müsste er da nicht sitzen.
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ohne Fahrschein gestern auf der

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Great read: Just in case you want to know why the world is discussing the 30% fee Apple / google is taking from app purchases (but not from all....), the case of EPIC (Fortnite) plus a comprehensive overview of companies, these companies have aquired

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This wasn’t easy to write it to publish. But, today, I just had to hit that publish button and get it over with:


that in it makes a difference if you register a component in kebab-case or PascalCase.

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Hey pips, i'm an #anarchist from #Belarus reporting what is going on right now in english. Would love some boosting to get more attention inside anarchist and leftist circles on situation in the country.

#NoComradesUnder1k #NoComradesUnder5k #NoComradeLeftBehind

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