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I wonder if there is some common way to present release packages on just like githubs $user/$repo/releases

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File under: THIS SUCKS
% of pop. who say they’re willing to take the covid vaccine within the next year

Russia 40%
France 52%
Japan 54%
Spain 58%
US 59%
Germany 62%
S Korea 65%
Italy 65%
Canada 66%
UK 66%
China 74%
Brazil 76%
India 80%

-Edelman Trust Barometer 2021

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🇺🇸 Die haben Galgen vor dem Weißen Haus aufgestellt und sind mit der rassistischen Konföderiertenflagge durch das gestürmte Parlament gelaufen, haben Drohbotschaften für Abgeordnete hinterlassen. Make no mistake: das ist weißer rechter Terror. Da müssen Leute hinter Gitter.

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Hier eine kurze zu Trumps Statement. Es ist nur eine Minute lang und das ist ein starker Kontrast zu Biden. Er macht wieder die Sandwich-Methode. Das was er sagen muss versteckt er zwischen dem was er eigentlich sagen will. Der Reihe nach:

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In a shocking twist it turns out the fascists were the real fascists all along

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“We are at war. We’re coming for bodies.”

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Outside the Capitol, Trump supporters took all the equipment from a news media crew (hearing it was AP) and are looking for ways to set it on fire.

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"when the looting starts, the shooting starts"

...unless you're a white domestic terrorist :)

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Putin sitzt jetzt in diesem Moment in seinem Flausch-Hausanzug und kuckt auf seiner Riesenglotze zu, wie die Amis sich zerfleischen und lacht dabei wie Spongebob.

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the police opened the fucking gates.

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A lot of folks announcing new jobs at terrible companies like:

So humbled to be joining the Deathstar UX team, I can’t wait to work to serve our users as they reshape the galaxy ✨💫

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ich mag übrigens nochmal darauf hinweisen, dass das max planck institut für psychiatrie ein verhaltenstherapeutisches kurzprogramm zusammen gestellt hat, welches einem helfen soll besser durch die pandemie &lockdown zu kommen. zum download hier:

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Excuse me, I am terribly sorry, but I have just had my groceries delivery arrive and I would like to just politely enquire what the FUCK IS THIS, NOW?

"NEW SIZE" ????
Is nothing fucking sacred anymore???

I've never felt more emotional from any piece of cinema.

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It is a sad and tragic day for our country that 140 members of the House of Representatives, 13 senators and a defeated president are attempting to undermine American democracy and our Constitution.

They will not succeed.

Oh and I finally updated !
There will be three events where I talk about .

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