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"my voice is my passport, hypernormalize me" i say as i dive into the McDonaldsphere, while back in the real world my body is strapped to a crash cart, back covered in McDermastims, shamrock shake iv in each arm, the technicolor world of winterclown transmitted directly to my brain through a length of fiberoptic cable jacked into the side of my head. in the real world im just your average meatbag fry jocky but here, in here im lovin' it

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concept: a mastodon instance hosted in a hacked IoT smart dishwasher

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You know what would be awesome? If there was an integration with Google Translate on Mastadon so I could read everything on system.

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200,042 accounts
+2,492 in the last hour
+39,175 in the last day
555 active instances

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where you will learn French, Japanese and at least three programming languages through osmosis

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Sometimes I remember that I can type @[instance] into the search bar and see all the users from that instance known to my own instance in a tidy list, and that's pretty cool.

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Hello world.

The weird, decentralized nature of mastodon reminds me of oldschool internet socializing – IRC and newsgroups.

It's a good feeling, somehow.

If anyone is wondering, my new profile pic is of my sun soaked chihuahua. She's 8 years old and quite the character.

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an infinite confusion as to what even a federated timeline is
these are all comforting, familiar things, and it warms my heart to see it

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The 'check engine' light on my car came on last night and the diagnostic is going to be $150, not to mention any repairs that need to be done.

I'm a freelance writer/blogger on a fixed income. No one seems to want to pay writers much (if at all) these days, and I could really use your help.

If you can, please help. If you can't, please boost/re-toot/reblog this.

Thanks! :heart:

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Another friendly reminder:

Mastodon is awesome, but mastodon isn't an appropriate tool if you want private communications. DMs aren't actually private, they can be seen by instance admins and maybe by other people, it isn't at all secure.

Mastodon and GNU social aren't made for private conversations, if you want to have a private conversation there are many tools that are appropriate for that.

I suggest Tox, but Cryptocat and XMPP with OTR are also good. There are others but I have used those

The result of minutes of hard work. An adventure in micro torches and flame. It's ok for a test project and turned out surprisingly well.

What if mastodon is really a plot by the francophones to take over the world by getting everyone to learn french? I'm all for it

Soldering is honestly still pure magic to me.

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New benchmark for linux from the Unigine people (valley, heaven, etc). I've been waiting for it even though my computer can only run medium. Give it a try if you like gaming on linux or even windows and want to stress your system with the latest stuff. Vulkan support for linux may be happening in the future.

I had a dream that mastodon had a moments clone for some reason. Weird. Idk how it would have worked or why but it was interesting. I think I might've been the only one that actually liked moments on the now doomed birdsite.

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a forbidden love, a cross-instance romance.. a scrappy, spirited young lad from .xyz determined to be with an heiress of .social royalty. their mods won't allow it. but they will do anything to be together.

Mastodon is really just about pretending to know how to read French (and various other cool languages) and meeting cool people. That and being in an untouched oasis of happiness and excitement and tech people. I'm here to stay for sure.

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