I wish I had something interesting to say, but right now I don't. It's unusually cold and rainy and life is somewhat depressing but at least I have mastodon. Keep tooting and have a nice day (or night)!

@Korbaewai hope your day gets better when you wake up tomorrow! my life's pretty stressful too, but i'm glad i can forget my struggle when i open mastodon.


@y thank you for the kind words. You're always so nice to everyone on here, I always see you saying nice things to people and helping out whenever you can. I feel the same way about mastodon, it's really cool to actually interact with real people and it's just a cool environment. Best of luck to you in your life and have a great day!

@Korbaewai thank you for your kind words too! i'm just doing what i can do best. i can't help develop this place 'technically', so i'm trying to help in other way by making people comfortable when they're here. have a great day! be awesome as always.

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