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Homemade crisps experiment.

Slice finely, 1 potato per person.

Wash of the starch and leave to dry.

Mix slices in a little oil, salt spices.

Overdid it a bit 8min at 750w microwave, but not bad!

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"Nicola should be concentrating all her energies on the independence agenda, where we will never have better circumstances. As far as I am concerned Westminster's Brexit difficulty should be Scotland's opportunity."

"Right now the Westminster political establishment is at its weakest point in my lifetime, while the national movement is in good heart. There is not likely to be a better time to force the issue."

Alex Salmond
January 20th 2019

This is pure gold...
r/gifs - Leaked footage of Theresa May from Downing Street

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How is this women not shattered by the end of this?!
I'm K.O'd by the 3rd minute... :/

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I've just come across this:

In 2018, Forward as One’s convener drafted and submitted a petition to the European Parliament calling on the parliament to call a vote to Support Scotland being allowed to renegotiate to stay in the European Union should it vote to leave the UK before the end of Brexit under Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty.


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Oh ho!
Is the log jam moving?

"We want UK to stay in EU which is why we back a . But it is becoming increasingly clear that Scotland’s wider interests will only be protected with independence."

Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Scotland's First Minister

Wonder when SNP are going to kick off IndieRef2... Can't be long now given recent events.

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Sol 48: Instrument Context Camera (ICC)

Taken on: 2019/01/15 06:46:11

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Debian have chosen their default theme for the forthcoming release 10, codenamed "Buster".

The theme is called "futurePrototype" and was designed by Alex Makas.

More details at:

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I'm left with a sense that organic consumerism is becoming more of a status symbol than a doing our bit for the planet.
I think it ended well with a comment on how the ideal food production system is likely a mix of organic and mass production.

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Each to their own regarding their religion; but the sheer religousity of the U.S. baffles me... I'll put it down to culture difference between the U.K. and U.S. [Interesting Culture Diff. Video][1]
[Image Link][2]

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