Itw d'un vet de l'Afghanistan (2 tours...) par Matt Taibbi. Biden a annoncé qu'il aurait l'intention de retirer les troupes US. A voir...

Adrian Bonenberger relate son expérience. Essentiellement factuel, cet intw n'en montre pas moins l'extrême idiotie de cette intervention/occupation.


Toujours tiré de ma de Erik Edstrom, Un-American A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War ⤵️
"Acknowledging that illegal and immoral wars exist and that America is not immune from perpetrating them, the prickly question becomes: Is it even possible to serve—and kill—honorably in a war in which “doing your duty” constitutes killing people with legitimate grievances;..."1/

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"... who are merely defending themselves from you; who see your presence as an “occupation”; and who, under other circumstances—had their country not been bombed, invaded, and occupied—would not be seeking to harm Americans (the same response we would have if someone invaded and occupied the national territory of the United States)?"

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