Mon est le 2nd vol de "The Stormalight Archive", "Words of Radiance" de Bandon Sanderson.

Toujours la lutte de pouvoir & pouvoir surnaturel ; new, pouvoir accepter ce que l'on devient...
Un univers fouillé, des personnages élaborés. Si l'intrigue reste classique, la narration est prenante et les histoires dans l'histoire sont travaillées.

Beaucoup plus rythmé que le 1er opus, des personnages féminins bcp plus travaillés aussi.
Bien. Suis dans le vol 3.

Cc @AnnaBalade 😉

Mon est "The Monkey Wrench Gang" de Edward Abbey.
Un road movie anar. 3 hommes, 1 femme, 2 histoires affectives.
Des ponts, des tractopelles et grues qui sautent.
Un saut dans le vide aussi.
Du rebondissement, de la route, du désert.
De la joie (égoïste, mais de la joie pure), la peur. De la sociopathie aussi.

Ecrit en 1975, autre époque certainement. Je ne peux cependant pas ne pas tiqué sur le virilisme et l'extrême blanchité du livre.


Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang ⤵️
"Good God, a whole nest of them. I’m surrounded by idiots. All three of them would-be cowboys. Nineteenth-century pigs. Eighteenth-century anachronisms. Seventeenth-century misfits. Absolutely unhip. Out of it, nowhere, just simply nowhere. You’re obsolete,…"

Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang ⤵️
"The clouds passed, in phrases and paragraphs, like incomprehensible messages of troubling import, overhead across the forested ridges, above the unsealed cliffs, beyond the uninhabited fields of lonely mesas, followed by their faithful shadows flowing with effortless adaptation over each crack, crevice, crease and crag on the wrinkled skin of the Utahn earth."

[Cc @Neko00001]

Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang ⤵️
"Silence. The three men stared into the fire. The oversize surgeon. The elongated riverman. The brute from the Green Berets. A sigh. They looked at each other. And one thought: What the hell. And one thought: They look honest to me. And one thought: Men are not the enemy. Nor women either. Nor little children."

Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang ⤵️
"“We are caught,” continued the good doctor, “in the iron treads of a technological juggernaut. A mindless machine. With a breeder reactor for a heart.” (...)
“A planetary industrialism”—the doctor ranted on—“growing like a cancer. Growth for the sake of growth. Power for the sake of power""

Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang ⤵️
"Long files of automobiles stand at the approaches, strung out for a mile to the north and south and monitored by state police on motorcycles, sullen, heavy men creaking with leather, stiff in riot helmet, badge, gun, Mace, club, radio. The proud tough sensitive flunkies of the rich and powerful. Armed and dangerous."

Hey!, @Larchmutz 👍 ✊ 🤗

Mon est Small Gods de Terry Pratchett.

Où une tortue (un petit Dieu quand même) apprend à survivre, à voler et à devenir plus dieu (y'avait un peu de taf).
Où un novice atteint de foi aiguë découvre la vérité fondamentale et finit pourtant par choisir la vérité (tout court).
Où un philosophe tient le cap, une bibliothèque et une lanterne.
Où l'on croise la mort aussi, un ermite accompagné, un exquisitor psychopathe.

Drôle, pertinent et impertinent. Lucide et sagace. ❤️ ❤️❤️

Pour celleux qui comme moi ne sont pas à l'aise avec les subtilités de la physique, Le Treatise of Physics de Pratchett the Inspirer propose l'interprétation suivante (dont certains biologistes "coincent" sur l'exactitude) : "When you have their full attention in your grip, their hearts and minds will follow."

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Terry Pratchett, Small Gods ⤵️
"« Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum."

[⚠️ Enoncé in extenso du principe physique aidant à comprendre comment une tortue (avec la complicité "stimulée" d'un aigle) peut défier les règles de la gravitation à son avantage (et celui de l'aigle (aussi attentif que complice pour le coup)) 🤫😉 ]

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods ⤵️
"All libraries, everywhere, are connected by the bookworm holes in space created by the strong space-time distortions found around any large collections of books."

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods ⤵️
"“That’s a funny thing,” said Om. “Winners never talk about glorious victories. That’s because they’re the ones who see what the battlefield looks like afterward. It’s only the losers who have glorious victories.”"

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods ⤵️
"Whereas Brutha didn’t just believe. He really Believed. That sort of thing is usually embarrassing when it happens in a God-fearing family, but all Brutha had was his grandmother, and she Believed too. (…) She was the kind of woman every priest dreads in a congregation, the one who knows all the chants, all the sermons"

"You do not ask people like that what they are thinking about in case they turn around very slowly and say “You.” The highest post that could be held in the Quisition was that of deacon, a rule instituted hundreds of years ago to prevent this branch of the Church becoming too big for its boots. But with a mind like his, everyone said, he could easily be an archpriest by now, or even an Iam."

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods


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J'inaugure le avec Terry Pratchett, Small Gods ⤵️

"It wasn’t just the Great God that spoke to Vorbis, in the confines of his head. Everyone spoke to an exquisitor, sooner or later. It was just a matter of stamina."
[Il faut lire la suite]

Mon est "Un-American A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War" de Erik Edstrom.
Témoignage d'un Wespointer sur son tour en Afghanistan. Depuis sa formation à Wespoint en passant par ses affectations et missions pour arriver à son retour.
La bêtise institutionnelle à tous les niveaux. La mort. Surtout chez les populations civiles.
Plus de soldats qui se suicident qu'il n'en meurt là-bas.
Des constats cinglants sur l'état des USA : un bellicisme omniprésent.
Bien écrit.

Toujours tiré de ma de Erik Edstrom, Un-American A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War⤵️
"My father is eighty years old, and still working full-time (over forty hours per week) to pay the bills. After being hospitalized for two weeks following an emergency surgery, he was afraid that he might be pushing the boundaries of his sick leave. He was worried that his time in the hospital might cause him to be let go from his job."

A méditer sur ce qui se profile ici 😡😡😡

Toujours tiré de ma de Erik Edstrom, Un-American A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War ⤵️
"Acknowledging that illegal and immoral wars exist and that America is not immune from perpetrating them, the prickly question becomes: Is it even possible to serve—and kill—honorably in a war in which “doing your duty” constitutes killing people with legitimate grievances;..."1/

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Ça a commencé un mardi, ⤵️
"Few higher education options save you from the debtor’s shackles. However, one that is eager to trade college funding for the formative years of your life is the military. This is a perverse carrot to dangle: in the richest country on earth, you may literally have to kill for a decent education."

Erik Edstrom, Un-American A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War

Ça a commencé un mardi, ⤵️
"To be defined by one’s military service—to exalt this singular identity above the others—is a uniquely American brand of nationalism. And this lionization of military service generated fertile grounds for George W. Bush’s post-9/11 jingoism, which rested on the cultural memory and reverence for people..."

Erik Edstrom, Un-American A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War

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