Software freedom day is tomorrow with events happening all around the world! We're excited to see all the talks and community gatherings. Check out to see what is happening in your area!

Tonight I'm drinking Scoresby Very Rare Scotch Whiskey 86 proof from Glasgow Scotland. I think I bought this bottle in 1995. Plus 3 for aging, that makes it 29 years old at least. It has waited long enough.

@[email protected]:

Coleco ADAM source code! In my scanner tonight is the long-lost source code to the EOS, which is the OS that runs the ADAM part of the ADAM, and the OS7, which runs the ColecoVision part of the ADAM.

Saving this was a collaboration of people, I am just the scan man.

In India and abroad, the likelihood of one's behaviour being tracked can have a chilling effect on individual dissent in society, and ultimately impact the quality of our freedom and democracy. @[email protected] in the pt. 2 of AI & its discontents.

Just reminded myself of this song:

"These days, it’s like all the worst people on earth formed a club just to light ugliness up and take one drag and proceed to stub it out in my eye by way of my once-beloved internet."

@Blort @lupyuen there's an Android app called Finder which is FOSS and can find phone location. It needs the phone lost is on and has network service, then it detects pre-configured sms then it can make sounds or report location and such

Free idea for tech interviewers: an all-pub-game technical interview process for juniors. FizzBuzz followed by Pig followed by Shut The Box. If they're able to build all three in their language of choice, they'll be able to build whatever garbage app your company works on.
Damn, the financial markets are really falling a part. Next you'll be exchanging chickens with your doctor for healthcare.

Government subsidized surrogacy for single men is an idea who's time has come.

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