A Typical Day as a Trail of Bits Engineer-Consultant - Wherever you are in the world, a typical day as a Trail of Bits Engineer-Consultant means... blog.trailofbits.com/2022/06/3 #workingattrailofbits #recruitment #remotework #careers

We are almost halfway to our goal of 67k! If you can, help us reach the next benchmark in our spring fundraiser. Together, we can achieve #UserFreedom Donate via: u.fsf.org/3m4 and donate by July 8 for your contribution to be counted in this fundraiser.

Who needs a dating app when you have a personal ad?

I'm a single atheist white man, 55, reputedly intelligent, with unusual interests in politics, science, music and dance.

I'd like to meet a woman with varied interests, curious about the world, comfortable expressing her likes and dislikes (I hate struggling to guess), delighting in her ability to fascinate a man and in being loved tenderly, who values joy, truth, beauty and justice more than "success"—so we can share bouts of intense, passionately kind awareness of each other, alternating with tolerant warmth while we're absorbed in other aspects of life.

If you are interested, write to rms at gnu dot org and we'll see where it leads.

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Check out this new video we have uploaded to our YouTube channel. It is a 35mm trailer for Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

Special Thanks to @[email protected] for scanning and restoring this 35mm reel.


#Disney #WinnieThePooh

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AnimationCompen/st

i gave kitty some of his canned tuna food and he seems to like it. now we can both enjoy our fish dinners without a lot of meowing

💡 Seems like a good time to once again recall that many users aren't aware of (or don't know how to use) the filter setting to temporarily or permanently mute/hide problematic content from various timelines and searches in #Mastodon.

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Well liberals, you going to finally get the fuck off your asses? You going to back down and be a bunch of cowards?

You going to? You fucking promised, and we holding you to it!

It's time to Cowabunga!!!

I'm actually pro-choice but I support this decision because if women are going to support the state forcing men into becoming fathers. Then I'm going to support the state forcing women into becoming mothers.

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