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After much thought, we decided #LibrePlanet 2022 will be held online on March 19-20! We are reviewing sessions with the committee and excited getting excited! Check out last year's videos at

@ebel @t0k @rysiek @ffeth @Gargron Yeah, GPLv4 or v5 really need to go full commie. There are too many capitalist loopholes. Like, it doesn’t specify the project should be buildable by the general public or any changes have to be public regardless.

The GPL is not as fearsome as it could be.

#Nitter is an AGPLv3 licensed #Twitter frontend with all the features of the default site -- but more importantly -- it returns all of the freedom that Twitter's nonfree JavaScript takes away from you. Try it out!

No, I don't want to install an app to use these earbuds.

No, I don't want to install an app to activate my cable modem.

No, I don't want to install an app to powerup my dishwasher

No, I don't want to install an app to control my heating and lights.

Why are we taking away the interfaces that directly control these things? Apps can be helpful as an alternative interface and even increase accessibility, but when they are the only option it has the opposite effect.

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> Please untag this one.

Good luck with that, I've been hoping to get out of the loli discussion for days.

This thread, too, is now about tits.
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Before buying that new tech present this holiday season, be sure that your gift sends the message that you care about the freedom of your friends and loved ones:

Top 10 #OpenScience posts 2021 #2: Science needs a radical overhaul: "Scientists who–consciously or not–use methods that get extravagant and often false results get rewarded; they get jobs and grants and train future generations of scientists."

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