If I wanted to print this label on the fly, the same way I print a basic black on white computer name label now, do any of you know what device I'd use? I am having trouble even coming up with search terms for it.

Even some way to print the dynamic part and have the rest made up ahead of time on a static roll of label tape.

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When I first wake up and check Mastodon, nobody has posted except for @Electron which means my timeline is all in French. Between her, Raph_AB from @HorizonLabs, and my kids watch Miraculous non-stop I am beginning to think I should learn the language...

I just put coffee in the SodaSteam. This is the best drink ever.

Typically, Twitter gets my comic book posts, but this image of Dr. Nemesis reminded me of @drwho, so I wanted to post it here.

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

So, reading the Federated Timeline, I guess the way the furries gravitated to LiveJournal back in the day, those into goo/slime fetishes are here on Mastodon?

I think I’m going to try to kill this cold off with some healing Odinsleep

I am listening to some early 2000s nerdcore, and they are all up in arms against the horrible demon of a president, the warmongering Dubya!

Almost seems quaint these days, doesn't it?

So, Doctor Who was fascinating, and informative. I didn't know King James was into witches. Now we're watching Kin, then bed, then going on site for an email migration. With luck, I'll finish early, and come home to watch the rest of MST3k.

The raw timelines in Mastodon is like an art form, it's hardcore nerd, a heaping spoonful of furries and non-standard sexualities, fake/fringe news, and surprisingly little porn.

I'm fascinated by it, and I keep getting lost in it for way longer than I intended.

I finally watched The Raid 2.
They use the style of Silat (Poekoelan) I study.
Typically, I watch action movies and say things to my wife like "See that pause? I can take him."

These guys? They'd all murder me.


A lot.

I have a lot of work I need to get done today, so of course there's a plumber that needs to replace a pipe and a kid that's sick and at home and another kid that found out she's not due at work for an extra three hours so she needs attention and and and...

My daughter is getting her first car loan!

I'm cosigning. I obviously trust my 20 year old a lot.

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