@davidrevoy Hey, David! There's no @Liberapay in the patronage page of your website, 😱. Is there a reason or just a slip?

@RoboePi @Liberapay Hey! No, I decided to not include the link to this service on my page because nowaday it feels just a front-end for Paypal (it's not anonymous anymore, and really doesn't bring any additional function than my Paypal button...). I also wanted to focus on less choice; it is easier for maintainance (I removed 2 or 3 other services; bitcoins, and other tipping buttons with only one or two user).

If Liberapay can do more than Paypal, I'll be able to re-include it as a solution.


@davidrevoy @RoboePi Liberapay does more than PayPal, but you have to connect a Stripe account for that: liberapay.com/about/me/payment

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@Liberapay @RoboePi

Oh, good to know. I might have missed that bit of information. I'll study it.

The experience I have with Paypal-Liberapay is not good for me: receiving a single payment of 30€ now with the mention "(1€x30month)" is problematic to declare the money (should I split it over three years?), It also force me to declare manually all individual donations for tax. It is also problematic to build my credits at the end of my episodes...Anonymous?30€? counting manually 30month of 1€?

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