is a free software application you can use to setup a social image sharing website that looks and act very much like Instagram. One of the sites running it may be a good choice if you want to share images with friends and strangers.

The developer has a presence at @pixelfed

The Debian Project Wants You To Tell Them If And Why You Are Using Debian LTS Versions. They have prepared a survey they'd like you to fill out if you use Debian LTS.

Exasperated by Qt's buggy/janky built-in platform agnostic style engine, for my commercial software project ( ), I wrote a new Qt style engine, Phantom, and also released it as open source:

The open source KeePassXC project has released version 2.6.0, which uses the Phantom code for their new cross-platform theme:

SuperTuxKart git20200711 Snapshot Is Released For and ! The Android version has more tracks, the tutorial has been greatly improved and there is much better bluetooth gamepad support in this release.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Has A New Anti-Cheat Trusted Mode. It does not seem to have any practical effect on the native version of the game.

architect Linus Torvalds: AVX512 Is "A Hot Mess" "I hope AVX512 dies a painful death". He elaborated that it is a "special-case garbage", a "power virus" and "not reliably enough". is doing quite well even though is taking market share.

Just a remember when you use something you own.

(found on Reddit)

#xBox #xBoxOne

Linus Torvalds Has Merged Inclusive-Terminology Rules Into The Linux Kernel Git Tree. Words like whitelist and blacklist will now longer be allowed in the kernel source code.

Xfce classic brings an alternative to those who do not want the xfce desktop to become GNOME Light. The fork reverts the new 3 style client side decorations in Xfce 4.16, giving it the same classic as look and feel it has today.

Brave Web Browser Caught In Affiliate Link Controversy Prompting Fork. They were re-writing links typed into the address bar and adding affiliate links. A group reacted by forking into a new browser called

The price was not affected.

GNUnet 0.13.0 Released With A New Protocol Version! The latest release is about as practically usable as the first GNUnet version was when it was released all the way back in 2001.

Intel Is Pushing For 1984-Style Revision Of Words Allowed In Linux Kernel Development And Documentation. Terms like master/slave are on the new-speak chopping block.

Looks like someone finally decided to fork Xfce4 into Xfce-Classic in anticipation of 4.16 which brings GNOME-style client side decorations to Xfce - ruining the Xfce desktop for everyone who switched to Xfce precisely because they don't want

Linux 5.8 Brings Per-Core Energy Sensor Support For AMD CPUs. You will soon be able to get close to accurate CPU package energy readings from AMD family 17 and newer directly from the Linux kernel.

Richard Stallman would just like to interject for a moment.

Feel free to help me do my homework by clicking the "edit" button on our Pleroma article if you think something is missing or something should be corrected or expanded upon.

The SDK Is Ready To Be Used For Native Linux Software Development! Flutter is a UI SDK half a million use to make mobile apps. The same toolkit can now be used to make native programs.

Popular video player drops support for the desktop environment, stop short of making it terminate on exit due to difficulties caused by developers insisting that GNOME is a "platform" that is separate from the overall ecosystem.

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