AMD ROCm 3.8 Is Released. The latest Open Compute graphics stack offers absolutely dismal performance in the LuksMark benchmark compared to the Mesa Clover OpenCL library from the newly released Mesa 20.2 graphics stack.

"YouTube Regrets": has launched a new campaign against called .
Journalist James Corbett reports that there could be some issues with Mozilla's desire to control and dictate what you can and can't see on the

We, and Rockit Girl, Wishes You A Very Happy Chuseok Harvest Festival Holiday! Today is the first day of the Korean holiday. We hope your world is filled with lots of joy and happiness the coming days even if your country doesn't have a holiday!

Fake News Detector For Firefox Is Coming After The Harvest Festival Holiday. SoundsGreat developer Suh Kwangho (서광호) told us that and much more about the future of the "Fake News Detector" browser extension.

"Don't like [screen] tearing? Use !" -Michel Dänzer, Graphics Team, and developer and 26th largest contributor to Mesa 20.2.0

Writing widgets for KDE's Plasma desktop is easier than you think -- check out our new tutorial portal!

Fake News Detector is an excellent web browser extension that lets you vote on what is and isn't and get warned if others have deemed an article to be fake news. It is currently only available for the and web browsers.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 3D platform game with all the concepts of a classic 2D platform in a 3D world. The objective is to run around and collect rings and avoid monsters. The game-play is not very exciting and the graphics is mediocre by today's standards. Available for free for Windows macOS and Android.

GNU grep 3.5 Is Released. It changes three output messages and the --files-without-match (-L) has been changed so it succeeds when a file is selected, not when a file is listed. There's also six bug-fixes.

Mesa 20.2.0 Is Released. The latest graphics stack offers 1.2 support, 4.5 support for llvmpipe, faster NIR performance and the ACO shader compiler for Vulkan on hardware is now the default shader compiler for AMD graphics.

5.9-rc7 Is A Total Disaster On Machines With Graphics. You can't even start with this kernel, the kernel driver will get a "NULL pointer dereference" and freeze X. AMD systems are fine.

Linux 5.9 Will Be Delayed One Week. There have been some very unfortunate problems in this kernel release cycle that are, hopefully, fixed in 5.9 rc7. Linus Torvals will delay the final release by one week to make sure.

The Operating System Turns 37: It's exactly 37 years since Honorary Doctor Richard Stallman announced his intention to make a free Unix-like OS. His hard work is the basis for modern operating systems like , Mint, and

Liquid Prompt is an adaptive shell prompt for and that shows CPU temp and CPU load if those are high and laptops battery status if it's low. It's very nice, though there are out-of-the-box bugs. on and may find it useful.

From the Bulletin: Trial by proprietary software. Free Software Foundation Executive Director John Sullivan argues that courts should not require people to use like and find them guilty if they don't.

appears to be the wisest choice for a zswap on while has a slight negative impact and is a total disaster. A compressed swap device seems to generally preferable to using a RAM cache for disk swap devices.

Korean trot singer Kang Hye Yeon's latest cover brings attention to lonely single mothers struggles. Her wonderful "Golden Grass - Mother's Song" cover is very well performed. The lyrics is about single a single mothers struggle with loneliness and hardship.

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