GnuPG 2.3.0 Is Released With New Default Public Key Algorithms, A New Key Daemon And More.

is the standard for e-mail encryption and package signing within the world. Version 2.3.0 has a few notable improvements over previous versions.

Teeworlds is an active, multiplayer . You control a Tee character, and usually work with others to solve different missions.

supports both English and , with 500+ players online most days.

ClamAV 0.103.2 Is Released With Fixes For Four Vulnerabilities. You should update if you use as part of a production server setup.

Working on DOS in 2021: "Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, DOS was everywhere. DOS was actually pretty good for the era. Jim Hall did a really good presentation about and in the 1980s and 1990s at the Fosdem conference.

Wine 6.6 Is Released. It comes with Mono 6.1.1 and 56 bug-fixes. The built-in 11 support remains somewhat unimpressive compared to what offers in certain specific demo scene demos.

Vulnerabilities In The Kernels BPF Virtual Machine Lets Any Local User Run Kernel-Level Code. All modern kernels, including the latest Linux 5.11.12, are vulnerable.

GNUnet 0.14.1 Is Released. The latest version of the technically interesting overlay network is so buggy you're lucky if it stays up five minutes before it crashes. The sparse graphical GTK applications for it are still practically useless jokes.

notcurses, as in not ncurses, is a thread-safe library for building complex user interfaces for modern terminal emulators. It is written in C with C++ safe headers. It can be used to create games, image viewers and a lot more.

IBM has announced that they will release a proprietary GNU/Linux version of their compiler on April 16th. The version will be fully compatible with IBM's existing COBOL compiler products for z/OS and AIX. Pricing is unknown.

Xfdashboard 0.9.2 Is Released. The latest release adds support for linear gradients, the algorithm for detecting what programs are running in open windows is improved and a bug that would cause xfdashboard to immediately crash in some cases, introduced in xfdashboard 0.9.1, is fixed. Primarily for , works in all and window managers.

Setting up multi-cluster and multi-cloud for dev environments has been too harder than it needs to be. is a novel instant networking stack to overcome this difficulty, by transferring IP packets over stdio streams (aka "shell connections"). Akihiro Suda gave a 15 minute video presentation about it at Fosdem 2021. It covers how it works and why it is pretty neat.

Warzone2100 4.0 Is Released With Support, Built-In JavaScript Engine And Other Major Improvements. It is free as in free software and it is available for , Windows, macOS.

DevilutionX 1.2 Is Released For The Enjoyment Of Diablo Fans. lets you play on a vast array of modern hardware. The original game, or a shareware version, is required. The shareware version will likely result in a huge disappointment.

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