Norwegian Study Finds The Online Advertisement Industry To Be "OUT OF CONTROL". Data collection and sharing is pervasive. Ten examined apps were found to be sharing data with 135 different third parties. F-Droid is a free software app-store which does not have that problem.

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1.1.0 Is Released. The latest version of the go-to graphical disk partition utility on supports moving locked partitions, it will recognize ATARAID members and it can now calculate how large partitions using the 30 year old JFS file systems are correctly.

Firefox 72.0.2 Is Released with mostly Windows-specific bug fixes. Firefox users on other platforms get a CSS rendering fix.

Vulkan 1.2 Specification Finalized and support is ready. Most of the new functionality in Vulkan 1.2 has exited as optional extensions for quite some time. The new core specification ensures that those extensions are present on Vulkan 1.2 platforms.

Khronos Group mentions the ability to run DirectX games on Linux in their announcement slides. Mesa 20 will have full Vulkan 1.2 support.

Linux 5.5rc7 Is Released. There are no huge changes in this release candidate. Linus Torvalds will release Linux 5.5 next week unless some huge last-minute patch(es) land on his plate.

We are pleased to find that is once again able to handle images and other media content after a day of downtime this weekend. Good job admin.

Bandwhich, a new bandwidth monitoring tool able to show per-process network usage, seems to be wildly off in it's reporting..

Xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 2.3.5 Released! The optional menu used as adefault on and other distributions got 6 bugs fixed in this release.

2.53.1 Beta 1 Is Released: Not Fully Abandoned Abandonware.Good old Communicator is not dead; it is border-line alive. The latest release uses on and the web browser component is based on ESR 60.3.

Confirms "Big Navi" GPU Coming In 2020.
How "big" that will be, when in 2020 it will launch and how it will compete against high-end GPUs from Nvidia is anyone's guess, AMD did not provide any further details.

Pale Moon is a web browser for Windows and which is essentially Firefox with the "classic" interface Firefox had before they modernized it. It is otherwise a perfectly fine web browser. Don't expect to get the latest browser extension versions.

Wine 5.0-rc6 Is Released With 21 Bug-Fixes. The big 5.0 will be released next week. is now mature enough to run the vast majority of software, including games, on .

GNU sed 4.8 Is Released. The latest version has "s/many new exiting features/one noteworthy bug fix/g".

Latest Linux Kernels Fix Security Flaw In The Intel Processors With iGPUs. It is locally exploitable but not a huge concern desktop and laptop users who typically don't let random strangers run code on their machines.

First Xfce 4.14 Maintainance Release Available, ScreenSaver Security Hole Remains Wide Open. Many bugs are fixed in this minor stable version release. By-passing the screensaver lock-screen remains trivial.

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