LXQt Desktop 0.17 Is Released. Better power management options, the ability to only auto-hide the panel when it is covered by a window and better session management are the highlights in the latest version of the light-weight desktop environment.

Linux Kernel Runtime Guard 0.9.0 Is Released. is a module for the kernel developed by . The latest release adds compatibility with Linux kernels up to soon to be released 5.12, support for building LKRG into kernel images, support for old 32-bit x86 machines and more. Loading the LKRG 0.9.0 module will cause a kernel panic and a complete halt if SELinux is enabled.

Oil Shell 0.8.9 Is Released. The latest release has some very minor changes to the oil-language and that's about it. It may be worth a look if you want a language where you can use variables without quotes.

OSH ("Oil SHell") is a POSIX and bash compatible shell with a unique shell language called the " language". It is in theory, but not in practice, a drop-in replacement for bash with a cleaner syntax and more advanced capabilities.

A New Gigabyte Motherboard WMI Temperature Driver Will Likely Arrive In Linux 5.13.

Linux users with newer Gigabyte and ASUS motherboards for AMD processors have to compile a out-of-tree version of the it87 to get hardware sensors and fan control working, and sensor support for the very newest motherboards is a shot in the dark even if you do that. That may change for Gigabyte-users with Linux 5.13.


Good: Pixel Wheels standalone installers work on all platforms!

Bad: The game runs way too fast on Windows and I have no idea why...


We have updated our cookie warning to encourage more of our visitors to accept it. 95% of our visitors rejected it the last month. You would need to be in the EU and not have our rejected-cookie-warning cookie to see it.

What'ya all think? Will it work? Would you accept?


G'MIC 2.9.7 Is Released.

G'MIC is a really advanced framework for image processing. 2.9.7 brings better support for .webp images, a new meigen command and two bug-fixes. and plugins for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are available.


Lagrange v1.3.2 Is Released. It is the by far best graphical web browser for the "space" (A purely text-based web equivalent for hackers). The latest release is mostly a bug-fix for the big 1.3.0 release on March 31st.

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