Qt Could Go Proprietary, KDE Relationship And Qt-Based Free Software In Jeopardy: The Qt Company has told the KDE foundation that they may decide to restrict the availability of new Qt releases to commercial users for 12 months after their release-date. This would, in practice, make Qt a proprietary toolkit which is unsuitable for making free software. The popular KDE Plasma desktop as well as a lot of other Qt-based free software is in jeopardy.

The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M 2.1.0 RC1 Is Released! The final version 2.1.0 of this fun free jump and run 2D sidescroller for Windows and will be released mid-April. It is fun and worth a try if you like to play videogames.

Linux 5.6.2 Is Released With Fix. Kerlen support for wireless chips from Intel has been broken since Linux 5.6 was released last weekend due to a very unfortunate last-minute commit. 5.6.2 has a fix which restores Intel wifi functionality.

The and desktop environments for and systems are merging to - the future desktop environment for free software users. We have reviewed the initial version and we are very pleased with the performance, RAM use and features of this new desktop environment.

Some Proprietary AMD Driver Source Code Has Leaked. The proprietary closed-source driver for and is no longer as closed as it used to be.

Thunar 1.8.14 Is Released. This "emergency" release reverts a patch that broke drag and drop in Thunar 1.8.13. It is otherwise filled with all the bug-fixes and improvements 1.8.13 had when it was released a few days ago.

Thunar 1.8.13 Is Released With Unfortunate Bug That Makes It Useless As A File Manager. You should absolutely not upgrade to the latest version of the thunar file manager for the popular desktop environment.

Xfce4-screensaver 0.1.9 Is Released With A Critical Security Fix. You may want to upgrade if you use xfce4-screensaver to lock your screen since unlocking machines locked with previous versions is trivial.

XScreenSaver 5.44 Is Released With 3 New Screensavers! There are also performance improvements in the latest version of the popular XScreenSaver screen locker program which was originally created by Netscape co-founder Jamie Zawinski in 1992.

Get "Tomb Raider" For Free On Until March 24th! There is a native version of Tomb Raider which runs perfectly. The Windows-only game "Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris" is also being given away as part of the same campaign.

Rockit Girl is a wonderful South Korean rock/pop group. Their smash hit "Little Cat" is very happy and cute and there is even a rock version of it available.

3.36 "Gresik" Is Released! The latest version of the Linux smart-TV/smartphone "app" environment has a new "app" for managing shell extensions and some performance improvements.

gbrainy Is 2.4.2 Released. The latest version of the Linux brain teaser game gbrainy has translation updates and that's it. If you instantly know the answer to "What is 51% of 49/3" then gbrainy may be for you.

Firefox 74 Is Released With Several Vulnerability Fixes. There are also some new features which are mostly not at all interesting.

Xfburn 0.6.2 Is Released! The coffee cop holder on old computers is actually a advanced device capable of reading and writing something called "optical discs". Xfburn can be used to write music and data to such discs using computers.

Genius Mathematics Tool 1.0.25 Is Released. The latest version of one of the oldest projects still around has a GUI ported to GTK3 and some new functions. You may find it useful if you are a scientist using who enjoys doing advanced math.

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