AMD Launches 3 High-End RX 6000-Series GPUs For 4k Gaming. The new GPUs are, according to , all capable of running games at 4k60fps at ultra settings. They will all have 16 GiB RAM and a 128 MiB cache. Prices range from $579 to $999. There is already some support for these cards in Linux 5.9 and Mesa 20.2.0. That support may or may not be close to feature-complete.

Prepare To Re-Format If You Are Using An Older XFS Filesystem, the v4 disk format will be deprecated and optional when 5.10 is released early December. There is a fair chance you're using a v5 layout if you made a filesystem after 2017 and there's a 100% chance you're XFS filesystem is using a now deprecated v4 layout if you created it prior to October 2016.

Linux Is Dropping WiMAX Support. It's likely no loss, it's not like anyone's been using or the one WiMAX device from the kernel supports the last decade.

Fedora 33 Is Released. Spins with (the default workstation edition), Plasma, , and are available.

AMD Announces Record High Q3 2020 Profits And $35 Billion Deal To Buy Xilinx. $2.8 billion in revenue and $390M in net income makes Q3 2020 's best quarter in history.

Node.js 15.0 Is Released. Support for the protocol, a new AbortController class, a updated N-API with new methods for managing ArrayBuffers, updated to version 8.6 and updated to 7.0 are among the highlights in the latest Node.js framework.

Recording Industry Association of America Gets Youtube-dl Kicked Off GitHub. Their story is that youtube-dl is made with the specific purpose of downloading "unauthorized" copies of music made by their talentless members.

Wine 5.20 Released With 36 Bug-Fixes. There's also several general fixes that make a long list of games run better in 5.20. Audio mixing and audio handling in general should be better with this release.

Sensor Fusion Hub Driver For AMD Laptops With Gyroscopes Is Coming To Linux 5.11. It took almost a year and eight revisions before 's SFH driver was finally approved for inclusion into the kernel.

MicroOS Desktop, The Road to Daily Driving: Chairman and MicroOS Release Engineer Richard Brown presented OpenSUSE's minimal distribution as a potential desktop OS at the openSUSE+LibreOffice Virtual Conference 2020 last week in a half an hour long presentation. MicroOS is a minimal Linux distribution primarily made for cloud services, IoT devices, containers, etc. It could potentially also be used as a light desktop system similar to ChromeOS.

US Department Of Justice Lawsuit Against Google Could Kill Firefox. needs to find another partner willing to pay them $400 million per year to be the default search engine in if is forced to cancel it's contract with them.

Modern Web Standards Are Leaving Niche Web Browsers Behind. is one of an increasing number of sites that don't work right in web browsers like . This will only get worse as more deploy modern "standards". Pale Moon is available for and .

The Closed-Source Driver Is Incompatible With Linux 5.9 And Support Won't Come Until Mid-November. This may be due to an intentional kernel change that prevents non-GPL code to use symbols exported by licensed code.

When "progress" is backwards: " Lately I see many developments in the linux FOSS world that sell themselves as progress, but are actually hugely annoying and counter-productive. "

For Is Here, Microsoft kept good on their promise to release it in October 2020. Edge does not look very unique, it's mostly just wrapped in a Microsoft-skin. Performance is the same as other Chromium-based browsers.

82 Is Released With Four High-Impact Security Fixes. It's faster on websites using flex layout, there's a new picture-in-picture button that you may or may not find annoying enough to disable and there's four high-impact fixes. There's no performance improvement in synthetic benchmarks.

AMDVLK 2020.Q4.1 ('s MIT-licensed Driver for ) Is Released With A New Vulkan Extension And Three Game-Specific Fixes. Performance is still worse than what the Linux distributions come with offers and it's much worse in some specific cases.

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