From Creativity to Exclusivity: The German Government's Bad Deal for Article 17.

The implementation process of Article 17 (formerly Article 13) of the controversial [European] Copyright Directive into national laws is in full swing, and it does not look good for users' rights and freedoms.

@h3poteto Have you considered adding the ability to schedule posts to Whalebird? As in an extra button that lets you decide when a toot is posted (at a later date) and some timer that regularly checks for scheduled posts and posts them. It's one feature I know other similar software has that Whalebird does not have.

FOSDEM 2021, Building massive virtual communities in Matrix: Matthew, the open source lead for the project, held a 48 minutes long lecture on Matrix, a open protocol communications system with encrypted chat, chatrooms and more, at 2021.

Whalebird by @h3poteto is a really nice desktop application for social media sites based on Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey software. You will probably like Whalebird if you use a social media service based on any of those and you would like to use it from a desktop application instead of a web browser. Whalebird is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Tor Browser 10.0.12 Is Released! The latest version of the projects web browser bundle has their re-branded Mozilla browser updated to version 78.8.0esr, the for it updated to version 11.2.2 and the Tor client is updated to version

Wine Launcher 1.4.46 Is Released! The Russians are working hard on a Wine front-end called Wine Launcher, written for , that allows you to launch in a sandbox by clicking on a nice graphical list of games and other software.

86 is Released With Drastically Improved Performance, "Total Cookie Protection" if "Strict Mode" is enabled, AVIF image support, multiple videos in picture-in-picture mode and 12 security fixes.

Web Browser 1.20.108 Is Released With Fix For Major Security Flaw In Private Windows. You should upgrade if you rely on Brave for "private" web browsing or use it to access Tor onion sites.

Genius Mathematics Tool 1.0.26 Is Released. is a fully featured calculator somewhat similar to programs like Matlab and Octave. It is written by math professor Jiří Lebl with mathematicians in mind. Genius is only available for systems.

Just wait until there's an Nvidia press release "Saving the planet, one DRM lock at a time" getting boosted across the fedi by the New Left.

The Foundation and Announce Seven New Open Source Surveillance Projects to "Promote Racial Justice". They are asking developers and "ecosystem partners" to contribute to these projects by "adding their own diverse perspectives and expertise".

Mesa 21.0.0-rc5 Is Released. 21 will offer a ton of new features to graphics card users, many performance improvements for Intel iGPUs and there's also early pieces of code for on upcoming Xe HPG gaming GPUs.

Cripples Proprietary Graphics Driver In Order To Sell Specialized Crypto-Mining Cards. This is what you get with proprietary graphics drivers, this is what Richard has warned us about for several decades.

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