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The intent is to provide our customers with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different websites.

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Facebook is now spamming people who have setup 2FA with their phone numbers.


Seriously, that is one thing they should have never done: fuck with security.

Is it an accomplishment for a notification email from Mastodon involving @angristan to go to spam automatically?

mstdn.io feels a little faster, probably since my route to Hetzner’s platform is better than to OVH’s platform. :blobthumbsup:

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Is it just me or will the 2FA page when logging in sometimes appear in a random different language?

Telegram Login, because Oauth 2 definitely isn’t a thing already.

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People, we got it the wrong way around. Source code should be public and data should be private.

@angristan What happened to the CHACHA20 cipher mstdn.io used to support? 😦

So I emailed a company asking them to delete my account and all its data because I do not believe “closing” an account is ever good enough. Of course they reply saying “we care about your privacy” and tell me how I can close my account. 😕

Does anyone remember when buttons on websites used to just be an image with a link? Those were the good days.

That’s not how it works Google.

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2005 US: ha ha we have an Open Internet, unlike China and Australia
2018 US: here's my VPN for region-locked youtube, here's my VPN for sci-hub...

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Today, let's thank Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the core developers at VideoLAN and all the contributors for VLC Media Player.

VideoLAN is a nonprofit and they always kept a strong position VLC remained free/libre open source software and free from ads or any spy code even when VLC is deployed on millions/billions of computers worldwide.

VideoLAN ❤

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It's not deleted if you know it is. You fucking dumbass retarded fucks.


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Oh wow. I have created over 400 toots now. That is something that would of never happened on Twitter. I’m glad that I have made Mastodon the main (and pretty much only) social network I use. The general atmosphere is just so great to be a part of and it’s nice to be using open source software where you can also talk to the administrators and moderators directly. 😁

@angristan Is the server clock a little off? I have to wait for my TOTP code to be at least what feels like 5-10 seconds old before it becomes valid.