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Hindutva Logic
Congress was evil, so we have a RIGHT to be evil.
Muslims were evil, so we have a RIGHT to be evil.
British were evil, so we have a RIGHT to be evil.
Communists were evil, so we have a RIGHT to be evil.
Allow us to be evil.


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जब मरकज़ में कोरोना आने पर मरकज़ का मुखिया ज़िम्मेदार है ।
तो देश मे कोरोना आने पर देश का मुखिया
ज़िम्मेदार क्यो नही ?🤔

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⛔️متطرفون حركة (RSS) الإرهابية يقومون بجلد وإهانة مسلم هندي فقط بسبب ديانته.

Unchecked horror! The Hindutva rulers in India have crossed all limits of barbarity.

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As per a Republic TV, Arnab was attacked post 12 midnight.

The metadata of the video posted by Republic shows it was shot around 8.17 pm almost 4 hours before the attack.

Police should investigate & arrest this scoundrel for filing a false complaint.

Good point

Proves that he was lying.
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@KrishnaSpoke Iski wife bhi saath kaam karti hai? If not then why were they out together in their car at night in this time of lockdown? This entire lockdown I have been out with my wife thrice as she picks up the essentials and I drive her (her license just expired)

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INC was sleeping when Arnab questioned Rohit Vemula's identity, when he targeted young students and labelled them 'tukde tukde gang', when he was demonizing a minority community regularly. And now he used absurd language for Sonia and all are going berserk

Sir arrest this guy please

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अर्नब गोस्वामी - वो इटली वाल@[email protected]ो(@[email protected] चुप रहती क्या अगर मौलवी की हत्या होती!!

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Businesses are told they will be held criminally responsible if workers test Corona positive after they resume functioning. So should government be held criminally responsible for allowing the pandemic to infect thousands of Indians?

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Taking inspiration from what the Union Minister from India has said, I think we in middle east should now start treating our “minorities” ( Hindus) from India the same way Muslims are being treated in India. We should make it ‘ heaven’ for them. Agreed?

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Twitter received “a legal request from an authorized entity (such as law enforcement or a government agency) to remove content” of this tweet.
Which is the “law enforcement agency or government” that want to remove this video from North East Delhi, shot on Feb 26?

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First of all, dear PM @[email protected], ask MHA to immediately take back this letter. Once you have directed that inter-state travel is banned, your govt should take a step back and let the respective state governments handle the situation as per their analysis and decision. 8/n

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The Indian Parliament’s deletion of this comment will not forget us of the heinous insult from it..We demand urgent and immediate accountability from Parliament and the government.We, the Arab Muslim women, are generational educators and directors of global competencies.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] Actually, he is doing this because he shares the same ideology as the ones getting affected, he is just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Would never trust him. A week or so back he was asking a hatred monger to be pardoned. Guy is a full fledged hypocrite. Also WTH is "Bharatiya"

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I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew and so are all of you.

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Please listen to our PM. He said that COVID-19 does not see race or religion and oil people are important.

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