10 year old niece showed me her program in scratch. It was neat. She converted her keyboard to a mini piano.

Blocks were in Persian. It made me realize how language is a barrier to non English speakers kids who want to start programming. Without that, they had to learn programming and English at the same time.

I'm very grateful of the people who made scratch and also the people who put the effort of translating it to Persian. You're awesome.

@Maryam it's child abuse for children born after 2010 to not be completely totally native/fluent in english tbh

That's a statement from a first world country. Elsewhere in the world, there are many financial and political barriers which makes life difficult to start with.

@Maryam no this holds true everywhere in the world presently

@sneak Unless that was irony, I would regret that Mastodon does not have a downvote button. So here you go instead.


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