GNU/Linux :tux: + Manjaro :manjaro: question :

I changed all my PC parts except SSD/HDD, but when I boot, Grub says it does not find partition with UUID xxxx...

Do I need to regenerate UUID + modify fstab via LiveUSB ?
Do I need to reinstall udev mkinitcpio kernel to trigger hooks and rebuild configuration ?

Or maybe I'm totally missing the real problem...

@Matthieu Can you manually boot it via the Grub command line? UUIDs shouldn't change if you use GPT, because they're listed in the partition table itself. You should see a listing of them in `/dev/disk/by-uuid`

@djsumdog they are mounted when I boot with a live USB, so no connection problems I assume /: maybe I need to do an `update-grub` when chrooted in my / partition

@Matthieu grub-install is the command you want on most distros. Make sure your /dev is mounted in the chroot too. When grub fails to boot, the grub-shell does have tab completion, so you can run `setup(hd<tab>` and see what it can detect and figure out what's going wrong that way.


@djsumdog also idk why, keyboard does not work in rescue shell 🙃

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