Is there any lightweight activity pub (Mastodon compatible) application ?

I would like to become a node of the network, but mastodon, misskey and pleroma looks like heavy apps for a single user instance :blobbandage:

Help/suggestion will be greatly appreciated ! :blobmelt:


Thanks all for your answers !

I will try to deploy a Pleroma instance, M. Bortzmeyer had made an article on its deployment, I read it some times ago but forgot it, it is the best choice in my case.

I just need to put it in Docker, I saw there is some quality tutorials out there ! :blobrainbow:

@Matthieu Pleroma is really light, I run my instance on a very small machine (not even a PC).

@Matthieu Pleroma for a single user instance is actually really nice

@eleos @Matthieu yup, as far as I know, it’s the best option

@Matthieu I'm on my phone rn so I can't give you specific details but my little server handle everything fine
@Matthieu Pleroma is heavy? It runs on small hardware like a Raspberry Pi.
There is honk[1] too but it's strongly minimalist.

@lord @Matthieu @Phigger @bortzmeyer @eleos @lain @lanodan Indeed, Pleroma is quite lightweight compared to Mastodon, and much easier to install, too, perfect for an instance with only a few users.
@Matthieu If needed the documentation on the website for installing is quite good. I just think sone config doc is missing / not clear so if you need help ping me.
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