Did someone migrated from to ?

Is it worth it ?
What are the benefits ?

I think about moving my blog (github.com/MattMattV/blog)


#octopress was the first static site generator I tried but it never worked for me because of having to understand the #Ruby dependency system.

When #hugo came along. it was a no brainier for me because of its static binary releases. And then learned that it was awesome for so many more reasons (great community on Discourse. great templating system. using data to generate pages. etc.). and of course the blazing fast generation speeds.

> Is it worth it - 1/2


It depends on what's causing you issues in Jekyll and what you expect out of Hugo.

Eventually. if something is not broken. why fix it. (unless you [like me] like tinkering things :)) - 2/2


@kaushalmodi I like to tinker ! I made the Hugo switch last week, everything went well, having made the first version on Jekyll helped me understand better some concepts of Hugo (I had tested it some times ago), it wass 200% worth it !

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