@Matthieu @sir the quote itself & the idea behind the quote are so cursed.

@Matthieu embrace... extend... and here we have finally arrived at the conclusion

@sir @Matthieu "my partner submitted a patch to OpenBSD a few weeks ago, and he had to set up an entirely new mail client which didn’t mangle his email message to HTML-ise or do other things to it, so he could even make that one patch. That’s a barrier to entry that’s pretty high for somebody who may want to be a first-time contributor."

the CTO doesn't know what git-sendmail is?

@hyphen @sir @Matthieu It even contains lies such as it cannot be done with Apple Mail. And I’m sure it can be done with Gmail too. But apparently checking the box for plaintext is too hard. But if that is bringing that person to their mental limits already, I don’t think someone would even want the patch...

@js @sir @Matthieu yeah exactly, I think people who are competent enough to write a kernel patch of all things, won't mind the extra steps to format it properly and send it to the mailing list.
I think if they get stuck somewhere they'll figure their way out on IRC or the list itself. big if.
if anything this change probably won't bring competent people on board, just bikeshedders.

of course they're entitled to their wrong opinions :smileVarg:

but hopefully not catered to.
@sir @Matthieu in the end of the day, it is still Microsoft. And it didn't change...
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