Hello Mastodon ! I need your advice today 🙂

My new employer is letting me go with a Linux laptop for work ! But I have no experience in this field…

I would need something beefy (around i7 or Ryzen equivalent) with at least 32Gb of RAM.

If you have any suggestions, that would be lovely !

Have a good day ! :blobcatcoffee:

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@Matthieu when i got asked by my employer i chose the thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 upped to the max 😅

it's nice, if you value portability as well

@schrofi Looks great but a little bit expensive to me ! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

@Matthieu A Thinkpad or Framework laptop would both be solid choices.

@jaywilliams Framework was the first on my mind since I discovered it in the medias ! But they are not shipping to France 😭

@Matthieu maybe? Not sure if you can get Linux pre-installed but they have guides for a bunch of distros on their community forums and hardware support seems really good.

@handle they would have been the perfect option for me ! But they are not shipping to France yet 😞

@Matthieu they're not shipping to my country either, I used a reshipping service, don't ask how much the import tax was 🙈

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