@Matthieu If you want, but in cryptocurency I rather the concept "monnaie libre". Dogecoin work with minning no ?

@Astyan Trust system is too much IMHO, it will never attract a lot of people /:

@Matthieu what do you mean by trust system in the concept ?

@Astyan getting trusted by other users to have a bigger earning

@Matthieu Each user should receive the same earning. I didn't try G1 but the earning thing is supposed to be the same for each member so if G1 don't do it there is a problem in there implementation.

@Astyan I understood that the more the people trust you the more you earn ^^

@Matthieu I think you misunderstood.
The concept is to distribute the money created in the monetary system equaly. A little like the "basic income" but thought the money creation and not the taxes.

Maybe with the G1 money you need to get enough trust to get your "universal share" for security reason but it should be too high (maybe 10 person ?). I am not sure for the G1 like I didn't follow this project.

@Astyan I understand how it's important to be trusted to get the universal earning but in facts it will slow down people to use it IMHO

@Matthieu I understand your concern. I am other concern about the security process but it's more technical.

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