Say me if you're interested in a Wargroove coupon ! (from the starbound developers)

I get some stickers, but i don't want to waste them by consuming their single use )':

Is there any syndrom for registering/opting in for all the betas programs that you can found ? :D

This is the ideal "recommandation list". You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

New feature in beta on !

They now display a graph per type of contribution and also in which organization you contributed the most !

Il a un peu neigé cette nuit dans l'Eure ❄❄❄

Mon but étant d'utiliser Keepass+Keeagent, j'ai suivi ce tuto :

J'ai crée le-dit service, je l'ai lancé, déclaré SSH_AUTH_SOCK dans mon shell, redémarré Keepass avec Keeagent en mode client pointant sur la socket, Keeagent me dit alors que la clé est bien chargé.

ET LÀ, je dit je vais faire un ssh-add -L :

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