Pour ma défense, les deux ports du laptop sont pris…

Twitter : *test down votes*

Reddit community manager :

Pendant que mon fils dessine, j'essaie de réfléchir à mon prochain projet 👀

Une des applications dont je me sert tous les jours ne me convient pas à 100%, alors je vais essayer de faire mieux, libre et open source !

Merci encore @von pour ce cadeau !

La légende raconte qu'un easter egg se cache dans son blog 👀 :bloblewd: :ablobcatbongo:

Hello Masto ! N'oubliez pas votre petite laine ce matin (:

Android 10 is gorgeous, but Nokia kinda restricted it...

By example I can't use the new navigation gestures without using Nokia's launcher and it looks like Google do not want to open APIs so it can be adopted widely 😤

I just discovered !

And today here is my work machine while I'm doing some web development !

This is a dual screen setup, with Manjaro :manjaro: and KDE :kde: (:

Nothing really fancy here as it is my work machine, I am not really often on the desktop 😁

Thank you a lot @keybase ! 🙏

To get your part of the airdrop, all you need to know is here : keybase.io/airdrop

And they also added multiboot in a certain way ?

This is not the fanciest feature but it may come useful for some people !

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