@Zoidtes Well, they put Android with the linux distros, so why not

@nlavielle I used it for a bit in an old 2004 Pentium 4 Mobile laptop where linux panicked. Small package choice, but it works

systemd doesn't even work on bsd as far as I know. Dunno about the file system, it was 7+ years ago

@LovisIX @nlavielle @Mek101
I've seen OpenBSD users and FreeBSD users promising/threatening to convert each other to their preferred flavor of BSD so...

Look, us Linux folks and you BSD folks are not that different.

@Mek101 alt text : First picture : people violently arguing, sutitled: Linux Users talking about Linux with each other.
Second picture : several generals, all looking very seriously in the same direction. Subtitle : Linux users talking about Linux with a Windows user.

@Mek101 so Polish! Fighting between each other all the time, and being able to unit only when there is an enemy around ;-)

@copyme You just described Evert country in europe

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