When I see "we care about your privacy" I get a weird creepy vibe from it.

Like, why? Why the hell do you care about my privacy? What business of yours is my privacy?

Why don't you go ahead and care about something else? My privacy was just fine before you started "caring" for it.

Well, I care about your privacy immensely.

That's why I don't keep any of your data.

@ScumbagDog ok, fine, but my question is: why do you even care about my privacy? I appreciate the thought, but it's kind of weird, you know what I mean?

It's like telling a random stranger: "hey, I care about your daughter's well-being". Cool, cool but now I will make sure my hypothetical daughter is never ever anywhere near you, especially alone.


@rysiek @ScumbagDog Because that's the "added value" they offer you, and being a buisness, they NEED money

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